Winter Is Here – My First Game of Thrones KAL (Week Three)

Winter Is Here - My First Game of Thrones KAL

Disclaimer: If you haven’t watched Game of Thrones through the current episode, Season 8 Episode 3, then you may not want to continue reading this article. There may be spoilers contained within. Also, this is not a sponsored post. I am participating in a Marinade Designs GoT KAL at my own expense and just want to share my progress with our readers. No compensation is being received from the KAL designer.

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So, I’m not sure if I mentioned in my previous couple of posts about my participation in the Marinade Designs Game of Thrones Ice & Embers Shawlette Knit Along, that my household has been dealing with illness the last several weeks. But, I feel like I should maybe touch on that because it’s been an ordeal, and I’ve not gotten as much done on the KAL as I might normally have done.

Three weeks ago, my husband and I came down with a nasty stomach virus. We stayed away from the kids as much as possible and thought they’d escaped it, but at the end of the week our daughter was down with it too. Thank goodness it was after school on Friday so she had the entire weekend to recover from it and didn’t miss any school. But, literally, right on the heels of that (after I’d already wondered if death might be preferable to being that sick) I was slammed with a massive sinus infection. And I do mean slammed. Like a Mack truck just plowed me over. It’s been awful.

I don’t hardly ever get sick with these kinds of illnesses, so when I do it’s just so aggravating to me. Still, I’m not a run-to-the-doctor kinda girl, so I usually just try to dose up on OTC meds and suffer through it. I might still be doing that, except my son came down with a sinus infection, too. So, last week on Thursday I took him and myself to urgent care and got us both some strong antibiotics to knock this stuff out. It’s working, but we’re only a little over halfway through the antibiotic regimen and still suffering somewhat.

It’s clearing out the infection, but man … these meds are just zonking me out. They make me want to sleep, like, all the time; make me woozy and a bit nauseous; and they are taking my normal appetite for food away. Which is a conundrum because they told me that we need to eat some food with the antibiotics to prevent stomach upset. So, yeah, it’s been a struggle to force myself to eat when I take the meds, and then try to remember to eat in between doses too because I just don’t want food.

On the upside, I think I may have lost, like, 10-15 pounds through all this. Harsh way to do it, but there I am. LOL

Game of Thrones Season 8
A pic I took of GoT Season 8, Episode 3 projected on a wall in the studio of my husband’s business during a viewing party with friends.

Anyhoo, now that you’re good and bored. Game of Thrones. Battle of Winterfell. O – M – freakin’ – G! I don’t think I have ever vacillated on the precipice of emotional breakdown ever before in my life as I did the week before this big, mega battle for humanity episode! I couldn’t wait for it, but I was afraid to see who would die in the battle, too. Like, cover-my-eyes-and-peek-through-my-fingers-almost-DIDN’T-want-to-watch-it afraid.

I was afraid the Night King might be too strong for humanity to survive it and worried about what comes next if they did somehow manage to vanquish the seemingly endless undead army. And I just knew the NK would raise the Winterfell dead at some point. Just knew it. And I wasn’t disappointed when he ramped up the terror by doing just that.

My husband owns a small media production business. Quite a few of his employees are GoT fans, too. So, for this epic battle episode several of us got together and watched “The Long Night” with a kick-ass audio system and the show projected on the big white wall in the shooting studio. It was so much fun!

Spoiler Alert: They did survive. Arya. I knew it would be her. I just did. She is far and away my favorite character in the show and seeing the looks on the faces of everyone at Winterfell realizing what a badass she has grown into was just … priceless. So satisfying. My second favorite moment in the show was little Lady Mormont vs. the Giant. YASSSS!!!!! I spent the whole episode with my hand clutching my throat. So epic!

Other heart-pounding moments: when Melisandre gave hope to us all, but then the flaming scimitars of the Dothraki horde advance army were snuffed out and darkness swallowed them seemingly whole; when the undead army flung themselves on the fire trench and swarmed the outer walls of Winterfell; the beautiful dragon fight scenes; when the Night King emerged from the dragon fire blast that Dany hoped would end him; and when Theon gave his very last breath to the defense of Bran. Wow. So many great moments. Too many to list, thank goodness we can all go back and rewatch the series as many times as we want to!

But, now. The last three episodes to wrap up the series are a total question mark. Can what’s left of the survivors of the Battle of Winterfell defeat what awaits them in King’s Landing? How will Jon and Dany settle the issue of who will rule if they can defeat Cersei? Who will be the one to take Cersei down, because so many characters deserve the honor! Just a few of the biggest questions, so many more minor ones that must be examined to decide how the new landscape of the kingdoms and the survivors will be laid out. With so many great houses decimated (the Mormonts, the Umbers, the Tyrells — so many others [some deservedly so, like the Freys]) how does the kingdom hierarchy reorganize itself?

Since I’ve spent most of this season so far being sick, I’ve not spent as much time on the Marinade Designs GoT Ice & Embers Shawlette KAL as I would have liked (also had Easter in there, so I made my daughter a few household items that took some time away from this, too).

Game of Thrones - Marinade Designs Ice & Embers Shawl KAL

But, I’m not totally discouraged with my progress. This pic shows how much I’ve completed so far. In previous pictures I’ve tucked the dark blue strands that needed to be woven in under the shawl when taking photos so that you could see the work and not be distracted by all of that. This week, before starting to knit more on the shawlette, I took some time to weave in all the dark blue strands that were hanging out there on the work I’d completed to that point (during the first two weeks).

The new ones you see displayed out to the right side of the work here are representative of the new rows of work I’ve done this week. I think I’ve only maybe completed 30-35 new rows of work on it.

So, slow going. But, I’ll get there. As I continually feel better hopefully the work will go faster and easier.

Game of Thrones - Marinade Designs Ice & Embers Shawl KAL

I’ve been too sick to go to Ravelry and visit the page for this KAL to see what progress pics other knitters are posting to show their work. But, I will try to get to that this week. I’ll probably end up kicking my own butt for not being as far along as I think I should have been. But, whaddaya gonna do? Just keep moving, that’s what.

I will probably need additional time after the show is over to finish, but I’ll still come back and chat with you all about it and show the progress until it’s done.

I’m definitely relieved that the threat of the Night King is over. But, still filled with anticipation to find out how everything else works out. What was your favorite moment in the Battle of Winterfell? What do you think happens now?