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It’s October which means football is in full swing. We live in the South which means we celebrate the four seasons; Winter, Spring, Summer, and FOOTBALL. In my house, Saturday is dedicated to College Football and Sunday is dedicated to the Pro games. We watch every Carolina Panthers game and I am proud to say we’ve had a strong season so far.

As the hostess of most game day parties, I have a hard time finding snacks to meet everyone’s flavor requirements. I try to have multiple flavors of dip on stand by as well as several brands of chips. I usually spend all morning making a dessert from scratch and by the time the game starts, I’m exhausted!

Mrs. Renfro’s Salsa has saved me time and effort!

game day set up

Mrs. Renfro’s has all of my game day needs. From salsas to cheese dip, they have me covered in a pinch. I set up my table in less than 15 minutes and was able to enjoy the game without worrying about dreaded clean up. I simply opened each jar and poured them into my serving ramekins I picked up from Michael’s while on sale. I used blue corn tortilla chips to give it that fall feel and to add a pop of color to the table.

The salsa was a HUGE hit. As you can see, I had an empty ramekin where Smoky Roasted Salsa would have gone. Unfortunately for me, my boyfriend and brother devoured it before I could get the entire table set up. Before the remainder of my guests arrived, I whipped up my go-to ranch dip for those who didn’t enjoy salsa.

We had several guests that were skeptical of the pumpkin flavored salsa but after a taste test, everyone was hooked! This salsa is not overly spicy like the others (they come from Texas and everything is BIGGER in Texas). The pumpkin gave this salsa a small sweet bite that kept guests coming back for more.


Not a Football or Game Day Fan? Mrs. Renfro’s has more than one recipe use!

Mrs. Renfro’s Black Bean Salsa is an excellent tomato based product to use inside your favorite chili or taco soup recipe. What I chose to do with leftover salsa was to replace my required tomato sauce in my go-to chili recipe with the Black Bean Salsa and it added incredible flavor I would not have achieved otherwise.

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