Spooky Fun For Your Eyes and Nails

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Spooky Fun Four Your Eyes and Nails

Ok, so eye makeup and nail polish aren’t spooky, really, but if you are experienced at all with the application of such products you could create some really great effects this Halloween with these great products.

Spooky Fun Four Your Eyes and Nails

My first Halloween beauty activity for myself <gasp! for me? I never do stuff just for me!> was to try out this trio of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polishes. Left to Right above are: Blacky-O, Electra-cute, and a clear top coat. This is a simple 2-step system that doesn’t require light to get similar gel manicure results like you’d get at a salon.

Spooky Fun Four Your Eyes and Nails

Now, I am no nail polish guru. Believe me. I normally go with my nails unpolished. I just don’t have the time to mess with it. Maybe half a dozen times a year I get in the mood to apply polish, and when I do, I prefer dark burgundy reds or oceanic blues/greens. I have worn black polish for Halloween a few years. But, I can’t say that I’ve ever applied any shade of orange to my nails. It doesn’t look great with my skin tone, I don’t think.

But, still I was a bit excited to try out black and orange together. Bring on the fun!

I’d really love to try some of the techniques I’ve seen all over the internet to make fun swirled designs with the polish. But, again, I am just a basic polisher. So, I settled for creating some dots with a toothpick dipped into the bottle, instead.

Spooky Fun Four Your Eyes and Nails

Spooky Fun Four Your Eyes and Nails

Told ya I was no Picasso, didn’t I? Warn you, I did!!! I really like these polishes. The colors are so shiny and vibrant!

Well, it was fun playing around with the polishes. I didn’t want to take all this funky fun polish off since Halloween was close, and all. But, I did want to give the NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamel in Black Lace a try, so I applied that polish over one of the fingers on my left hand that was painted all orange. It completely covered the bright orange with complete ease, though I didn’t snap a pic of it. Oops!

The gel polishes took a little longer to dry than other nail enamels I have used, so the NYC polish would be a great option for me when I don’t have the time to wait on the gel’s drying time.

I happened to spy a whole line of Sally Hansen Gel Polishes while I was at Kroger one day. They were selling for $7.99 each and had nearly 30 different colors. Very impressive! Here are a few I saw.

Spooky Fun Four Your Eyes and Nails

Spooky Fun Four Your Eyes and Nails

And the full display:

Spooky Fun Four Your Eyes and Nails

Aren’t these colors great?! I can’t wait to pick up a few new colors to try. First on my list is that gorgeous blue on the lower shelf, the third from the left. And then maybe that purple on the top shelf, third from the right. This is gonna be fun!!! With 60+ shades total, you have to be able to find some that are right for you. Check out Sally Hansen’s website to find more information about this product.

The reason I don’t usually bother polishing my nails is that I’m cooking and cleaning most of the day and polish tends to last 2-3 days tops and sometimes will ship even on the first day because I can’t stand wearing those thick rubber cleaning gloves to protect the polish and I wash my hands probably a dozen times a day, easy. I’m NOT careful with my hands either; am constantly hitting them against stuff, which at times can cause broken nails. I have been wearing this polish for several days now and it still looks as great as it did they day I applied it. I am sold, and will be purchasing more colors to add to my collection!

Next, on to trying the eye makeup. OMG, do you know how long it’s been since I wore eyeliner? I was well-versed in eyeliner application techniques in high school. But, after I got married and had kids, my makeup routine became ultra-simplified. Seriously. On most days I apply a bit of concealer under my eyes, down the sides of my nose and around my mouth to even out skin tone, apply black or black-brown mascara & hit my lips with shimmery tinted lip gloss. That’s it! More formal events, may prompt a small amount of eye shadow, but I’ve definitely lost the edge I used to have for eye makeup in general.

Spooky Fun Four Your Eyes and Nails

I used NYC CityProof 24 Hr Waterproof Eyeshadow, though I am deathly afraid of trying a smoky eye look (I’ve tried it before and just ended up looking like I had a black eye, LOL). So, I caved and just applied it like eyeliner. I am a total chicken, you can say it.

Spooky Fun Four Your Eyes and Nails

The Rimmel Lift Me Up Wonder Lash Mascara went on super easy and only required one coat to make my lashes look full and long. I liked it very much! Also interesting is the fact that this mascara contains vitamins and cucumber extracts to help lashes feel conditioned all day.

So, here’s the finished eye look. Don’t judge my lack of make-up skills, please!!!

Spooky Fun Four Your Eyes and Nails

One of these days I will get brave enough (or have enough time) to get back to applying makeup the way it was intended; foundation, eye shadow, liner, the whole deal. At least there’s YouTube to help me learn (or rather re-learn) makeup application techniques. I’m looking forward to it. :0)

These items are available at most retailers like Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Kroger and many others.


UPDATE: After I posted this, my 22-yr-old daughter, J., wanted to get in on the fun. She used the Sally Hansen Gel Polishes to do her nails and wanted me to add them to the blog post. So, here you go:


Disclaimer: I was provided the pictured products for free in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.


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  1. The gel polish Sally Hansen Miracle looks good, but I use it, and after 5 days, started to get out the nail polish, supposedly lasts 14 days.

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