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Aromatherapy Pet Washes To Soothe Pet’s Skin

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Everyone in my house is an animal lover. Currently, we have two dogs and seven cats. If it were up to my daughter, we would have our own personal petting zoo. We try to foster animals when we can – hence the seven cats – but sometimes keeping our house clean and smelling fresh is just too much of a burden.

My dogs are both basset hound mixes so as you can imagine, they get quite stinky. My larger dog, who happens to be the biggest snuggle baby, is also mixed with beagle. It just so happens that basset hound and beagle are both on the top 20 list of stinkiest dogs. This poor guy has to get bathed at least once per week and unfortunately, the scent of leading dog shampoos just do not last.

Aromatherapy shampoo and cleaners are now an option for pets.

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I was introduced to Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Care and I knew as soon as that box arrived on my doorstep that I HAD to use it immediately. As soon as the pet shampoo came out of the box, I knew it would be different from other leading brands. Guys – the smell! It reminds me of the newborn baby head to toe wash. I was in love at first sniff. We tried it on our bigger dog who we affectionately refer to as ‘Stinky Boy’ and while he is not a fan of baths; he actually stood still and let us lather him up. Once out of the tub and dried, the scent lingered through the house and lasted for several days – even after him playing outside. The lavender and chamomile inside this aromatherapy set also kept his coat soft and shiny.

Usually, once my dogs have been given a bath, they get the ‘zoomies’ and run laps around the house. They chase each other and bounce back and forth on our furniture. After our fur babies were washed with aromatherapy shampoo, they quietly laid down on their bed and took a little nap. (can we get aromatherapy like this for kids?!)

Do your dogs not like baths? Hard to get them into the tub?

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Like I said, stinky boy is not a fan of baths so sometimes it takes a 75 POUND DEAD LIFT to get this guy into the tub. We try to take him outside to use the water hose but that is not always possible; especially during the winter. Thank goodness for the De-stress Lavender & Chamomile Aromatherapy Freshening & Shining Spray . Just a couple of spritz in-between washes leave pets smelling wonderful and their fur soft. I have also used this spray on our kittens to keep them from getting a smell.

Clean sensitive ears with Gerrard Larriett

I also had the pleasure of using Natural Ear Cleaner for Dogs and Cats on our boy. Just a small squirt onto a cotton ball and swab the outermost part of the ear to clean out stinky dirt and debris.

Are there other aromatherapy options I should try on my pup? Let me know in the comments below!

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