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Recent events around the world have left us living with uncertainty. Between working from home and finding unique ways to entertain and teach our children have left many parents overwhelmed and stressed. Thankfully there are many digital programs and subscription services to not only entertain our children during this precarious time, but educate them as well through distant learning.

Loop Lab Subscription Boxes

Box #2 : Spy Science

Loop Lab by Mad Science is an amazing subscription service that offers hands on experimental projects through STEM exploration. This helps our kids stay engaged and continuing their education while schools are closed. All the interactive learning experiments were developed by the Mad Science team and are kid tested & approved. Loop Lab boxes are safety tested and even offers additional resources that follow a science curriculum.

Subscription Prices

Monthly: $32.99 + $4.99 S/H

Pay Ahead & Save! : $89.97 upfront for 3 months of boxes +$4.99 S/H

Social Distancing Special: All 3 boxes at once + lab coat +Free Shipping for $99.00

I love how there are multiple activities in each box. There are at least 2-3 experiments, learning objectives, vocabulary terms & extra activities once your child completes their ‘mission’. The instructions are very well thought out and written clearly, so your child should be able to complete the activities on their own. Not only do the Loop Lab boxes provide a great supplemental learning activity, it can be used as a fun family activity as well.

Each Loop Lab box contains everything you need to carry out the experiments. There may be a couple things you may need from home (like water, bowls or a pen) but it is a great no fuss activity. Currently there are 3 boxes available; Box #1-Gross Science, Box #2-Spy Science and Box #3-Sense-ational Science.

My 9 year old son had such a great time exploring and testing out the different experiments. Loop Lab kept him very entertained and peaked his interest in the sciences. It definitely left an impact on him, and he even continued with the many at home experiments that are offered free through the Mad Science website.

Loop Lab boxes STEM based experiments offer support to parents who are first time homeschooling. This is an amazing help for many parents looking for something hands on for their children to do that does not involve screen time. The additional at-home experiments offered for free on the Mad Science website are so much fun and a must-try! All the experiments can be done with basic household items & ingredients.

The Mad Science website gives parents the option to download a PDF or watch interactive videos to help carry out the experiments at home. Your kids can choose from making instant ice-cream to making ghost bubbles and even try some interactive quizzes to test their science knowledge. These free tutorials on Mad Science are a great addition to the Loop Lab box subscription service.

During this uncertain time with a world wide pandemic occurring, subscription services like Loop Lab have been a much needed distraction from all the heartbreak we hear on the news. Its comforting knowing my children are safe, healthy and continuing their education from home while schools are closed.

After completing all the experiments, my son earned his Super Spy badge!

Sign up for your Loop Lab subscription service by Mad Science today! It is worth the investment and your kids will absolutely love all the STEM activities that will keep them busy, learning, and of course having fun! Loop Lab boxes would also make a great gift not only for kids, but for educators as well.

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