SoapBox: Hair Care That Lends A Helping Hand

SoapBox: Hair Care That Lends A Helping Hand

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When it comes to the beautifying process, a lot can be involved. Makeup, skincare, fashion…those are all key players in the stylish persona that is you. However, the products on your face and body aren’t necessarily more important than what’s on your head! If your hair is happy, you might not need much else–and SoapBox understands that. With shampoos and conditioners that come in a variety of scents–and come in gigantic bottles, so that your family will have a surplus of product (as opposed to the ever-looming hazard of running out mid-shower)–SoapBox is ready to make your hair regimen a positive one, instead of a chore!

I received SoapBox’s Acai Berry Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as a Coconut Shampoo, a Sea Minerals Bar of Soap, and a Pomegranate Body Wash. None of the products are particularly sudsy (except for the body wash, which in its case is a good thing), and they all rub in relatively smoothly! I’m no hair connoisseur, but I do have long, thick hair, and these products did their job. I was left feeling refreshed, and so were my locks (and hands, from the soap’s minerals)!

SoapBox’s products have cheerful packaging that is brightly colored and clearly labeled, which is a particularly useful perk. Too many times have I been reaching for my hair, globs of hair potion in hand, only to realize too late that I grabbed the incorrect one! Once you’ve taken the product out of the bottle, it’s usually too late to put it back (unless you’re a master at massaging and lathering with only one hand available). SoapBox eliminates this problem by having large and easily-opened bottles, so if you do happen to confuse your mixtures, you can pour the offending product back into its bottle and make it wait for its own turn. The risk of mixing up your products’ order will be decreased anyway, thanks to SoapBox, since the bottles are so large and have such obvious labels; any mix-up is practically impossible! The Body Wash bottle is also a little larger, so an accidental rearrangement is already less likely to happen.


SoapBox: Hair Care That Lends A Helping Hand

I found these five Soapbox products to be simple and straightforward products, and really enjoyed their colors, sizes, and scents (the Soap actually does have a smell that’s reminiscent of the ocean!). However, there is still one more element of SoapBox’s brand, and it is by far my favorite. For every bottle of shampoo, conditioner, body wash (et cetera) that is purchased, another product (soap) is donated to a person in need. In addition, you can see a code on the back of your purchase’s bottle, which–when plugged into — will tell you approximately where your automatic donation has gone!

Excellent hair care can definitely make a difference in your life, but with SoapBox, it can also make a difference in someone else’s. Give them a try, and help someone else out along the way!

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