Simple Indoor Toddler Activities

Simple Indoor Toddler Activities

Hello! I thought I’d introduce myself as a new writer here on Beauty Brite. My name is Misty, and I am the mother of 4 little ones. On a side note, summer is here, which means fun in the sun! Summer also means afternoon rainstorms if you live anywhere like I do in North Carolina. They are quick thunderstorms, but it does mean dragging the kids inside until it passes which brings in the inevitable whining of, “I’m boredâ€.

As any mom, I am always searching for fun indoor toddler activities!

Below are a few simple indoor toddler activities to keep them occupied!

  • Indoor Shaving cream car wash
    • This sounds exactly like it sounds. Set up a station with toy cars or even play animals, shaving cream and spray bottles filled with water. Cover the objects with shaving cream and let your little one spray them clean with the spray bottle. Spray bottles are fantastic for pincer/hand muscles used for fine motor skills and eventually when it comes time to write! We use a regular plastic storage bin for easy clean-up and a plastic tablecloth to make this a much more indoor friendly activity. For added fun, use Q-tips, toothbrushes, sponges, and any other type of cleaning object you have on hand. Plastic animals or even play dishes are a great way to switch this activity up as well.
      • If shaving cream is a thing you would like to avoid you can also make a tear-free foam using shampoo. Preferably tear free if you are worried about getting soap in your little one’s eyes. Add 1 cup of shampoo to ½ a cup of water in a mixing bowl, use a hand-held mixer and mix until you have reached a “peakâ€. Add food coloring for a fun twist but this may stain your little one’s hands. You can alter this set up for more or fewer bubbles but it is 1 part water to 2 parts shampoo. My son prefers shaving cream because it makes him feel more manly, but I show no bias here.
  • Sensory bins are my ultimate go-to for simple indoor toddler activities because they are so versatile!
    • My favorite is a sensory bin full of the alphabet on different object and flashcards with the letter or even words if your little one is up to it! We draw a card and find the letter. This helps with letter recognition as well as visual scanning. My bin is full of beads found at hobby lobby, foam letters, plain wooden beads as a filler, and other odds and ends. You can put animal shapes in there as well. I would add little by little and work your way up though as it can be overwhelming depending on age and readiness.
    • A close Second as far as favorites go with sensory bins would be our “Gardening Binâ€. This is just a bin that is filled with black beans, fake flowers, gardening tools, and plastic flower pots. I have also thrown in a few plastic insects you would typically find in a garden, as well as a magnifying glass, insect catching tweezers and a specimen container.

Indoor Toddler Activity 2


  • Books with Activities are another one of my favorite things to use to pass time. It not only gets your child interested in books but it also gives them a “purpose†behind the book that they can then apply to something else. Some of the activities we like to do are as follows but just know that you can do just about ANYTHING to make books more fun for your little one.
    • A quick little activity using books with little clean-up is by making “stained†glass window art by using contact paper and tissue paper. Print or draw a shape, cut it out leaving the middle empty. Attach contact paper to the piece of paper that your template is on. Cut or tear up tissue paper and stick it to the contact paper. No messy glue but a fun little craft with very little cleanup! Add a children’s book like “Draw Me a Star†by Eric Carle, and you can turn it into a mini-lesson with ease!
    • Planting flowers! For this post, I have used Lois Ehlerts, “Planting a Rainbowâ€. We read this book, described all the images we saw. Afterward we went through the process of planting our own flower! There are several other great books one could use in place, however, such as, Eric Carle’s, “The Tiny Seedâ€, Lois Ehlerts, “Growing Vegetable Soupâ€, and “I Can Grow A Flower†by DK, just to list a few.

How do you keep your little ones entertained? What indoor toddler activities do you use in your household?

  • DIY Charades
    • One of my favorite low maintenance indoor toddler activities is where we pull a popsicle stick out of the jar and it lists some sort of activity or gesture we must complete. Jump on one foot, howl like a wolf, sing your ABC’s, etc. IT does take a little prep work ahead of time but the good news is it is a one time and done thing unless you add more ideas to the jar. You can do this on popsicle sticks, slips of paper, even on a paper dice. Popsicle sticks are just easier to store and keep up with for me. It really keeps them on their toes but also allows them to still be semi-active while the storm passes.



  • Board Games are a given! I do have to admit that I alter the rules or the agenda of a game to match up with each of my children’s developmental standpoint. As parents or caretakers, we tend to take board games for exactly as they are so we mark them off of the list because our children aren’t ready, but they are ready for board games with a little bit of alteration to the purpose of the game! Board games are also a simple, low maintenance or prep work indoor toddler activity for me. It is so easy to just go to our storage closet, grab a game, and let the fun begin!
    • Operation: This game is fantastic for pincer grasping. It also gives them the opportunity to scan a field to find an object. My oldest has a fine motor delay so for him, we just focus on finding the object and take out the battery so if he hits the side and it makes that loud “BZZZZZâ€, it won’t discourage him. My second oldest prefers to play the game entirely by the rules and loves the challenge. With my 2-year-old, she just points where objects are because she definitely doesn’t have the fine motor skills for this game yet!
    • Matching games are also very easy to adapt to one’s developmental level as well. Its fantastic for visual scanning if you place all the cards out to be seen without the flipping over aspect, its great for memory aspects when the cards are flipped over to find the match. IT can also be used for your little ones to describe what they see and if done in a small quantity such as 4-6 cards at one time you can begin the first steps of working up to the actual intended purpose of the game.
    • Mr. Bucket is a classic! Who doesn’t love a good laugh as their children are giggling at the silliness of the balls being rolled across the floor while they try to catch the balls, keep them on the shovel, and return it back to the moving bucket.
    • Perfection is a great matching game. You can play it without the timer for younger ones and move up to the timer for older ones. It encourages visual scanning, fine motor skills, critical thinking skills, as well as the urgency to beat the clock. Plus there is minimal preparation needed.
      • Puzzles and bubbles aren’t exactly board games but they are also an easy way to keep the kids occupied for a short while too!

These are just a few quick little ideas that can be changed up very easily but keep your little ones busy until those afternoon storms passes!

What are your go-to Simple Indoor Toddler Activities to pass time? Let me know in the comment section below!


**I do not take ownership of these ideas as I am sure there are so many variations over the internet that I cannot even begin to give correct credit to who the ideas belong to. Some of these ideas have been altered to fit my own needs, variations of other ideas I have seen or heard about, or found on Pinterest entirely.**




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  1. gloria patterson says

    I think there are a lot of great ideals there. My great niece is almost 2 and I am looking for things to do with her when she spends the day. I get her a couple of times a month to spoil and love on 🙂

  2. Two years old! Such a fun age. Young enough that new discoveries are still exciting but old enough to begin having a little fun with them. What are some of your favorite activities with your great niece? I apologize for slacking by not replying to you sooner. Can’t wait to see what ideas you share so I can try them with my own group.

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