Self-Care Is Totally Worth Your Time

Self-Care Is Totally Worth Your Time--Shir Organics-NaturaBrasil-Nature Lab Tokyo

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Personal care is important, not because it’s trendy but because we all are worth caring for, all of the time. In the hustle and bustle of daily life with all the exterior demands on our time and attention that being a woman entails it can be very easy to forget that. We often put everything and everyone else above ourselves in terms of importance, don’t we? Especially women, who care for everyone else — their parents, spouses, children, and friends — before giving their own needs more than a passing thought.

I’m certainly guilty of this passive and unthinking form of self-neglect at times. I mean, I apply sunscreen if I’m going to be out in the sun for long enough that I might get a sunburn. I apply lotion to my hands and arms pretty regularly. Though that’s mostly because my hands can get pretty rough from constantly washing them as I go through the average day during cleaning, meal prep, and caring for our various animals. I can’t even remember the last time I treated myself to something as simple as a hair cut, it’s probably been a year or more I’m sure.

There are a lot of different kinds of personal care products on the market to choose from. Products that address areas from skin care to hair care, internal health to physical fitness. Some are clearly better than others, but a large majority of what’s available is all very good and it can be a difficult task to weed through all of the advertising and information to make a choice about which brands to use.

The easiest area of personal care to address, I think, is taking care of one’s exterior, what others see when they look at us. That being our skin and hair. I mean, we all bathe and at least occasionally use nourishing bath products and perhaps apply body lotion afterward. These areas are where I’ve tried quite a few different products to support skin and hair care.

So, today I will be sharing the three most recent brands that I’ve been using and my thoughts on them. Since there are so many brands to choose from, it’s sometimes fun to share those that you might not find on the shelves of every pharmacy or mass merchandise retailer. Don’t you think?

And since I especially like trying new natural/organic products for personal care those will be what I share with you today. Brands you may not have heard of before like NaturaBrasil, Shira Esthetics, and NatureLab Tokyo. I hope you enjoy your introduction to these brands of skin and hair care and that you put yourself first and decide to try one (or more) of them for yourself. You deserve it!

And, in the bargain, you can justify it (if you must) by knowing that you will be doing a great thing for the environment and for the peoples in far-flung areas of the world that help in the manufacturing of some of these wonderful items.



NaturaBrasil Bath and Hair Care-Murumuru Reconstructive Hair Care Starter Kit

NaturaBrasil features products that are sustainably sourced from the Amazon. Exotic sounding, right? This bath and body care line includes items such as body butters, soaps, and hand creams. An interesting thing about them is that you can buy items individually or in sets, perfect for your own home or to give as gifts (there’s that thinking of others mentality again, lol).

Raffia baskets and clutch purses available in their gift sets are hand-made and dyed by women on the Northeastern coast of Brazil which supports their local economy and provides a way for these lovely crafters to support their families.

NaturaBrasil Bath and Hair Care-Murumuru Reconstructive Hair Care Starter Kit

The clutch purse I received with the Murumuru Reconstructive Starter Set is absolutely GORGEOUS! It will make a great summer accessory to carry around with me since it’s beautiful and will go with any clothes ensemble that I have on. And it’s small enough not to be burdensome, yet large enough to fit all of my essentials — cell phone, a few makeup basics, comb or brush, contact case, sunglasses, etc.

This starter set contains sulfate-free hair care products for curly hair. It includes reconstructive shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask. As I mentioned above I, like, really really need a haircut — like at least 6-8 inches just lopped off the length. It’s dry, dull, frizzy (without using a bunch of smoothing oil or something) and just generally unruly. It tangles pretty easily, too.

NaturaBrasil Bath and Hair Care-Murumuru Reconstructive Hair Care Starter Kit

This line of reconstructive hair care products not only smell really great, they are helping to calm the outrageousness of my damaged hair until I can get around to having time to get a proper haircut.

Soaking in the bathtub is one of the only times that I truly just get really, really relaxed. Sometimes I light a candle, or dive into a good book, listen to music or occasionally just close my eyes and focus on the warmth of the water. But, I always — always — have some brand of awesome smelling bath & shower gel and/or body scrub ready to soothe my life-weary body.

You know those commercials for Campbell’s Soups where the snowman comes shivering into a warm kitchen from being outside in the freezing cold snow, eats a few spoonfuls of soup and the snow melts away to reveal a warm, dry, relaxed little kid underneath? That’s what I feel like when I use great smelling bath and body products, it just melts the stress away for me.

NaturaBrasil Bath and Hair Care-Acai Bath and Shower Gel-Acai Body Scrub

NaturaBrasil Acai Bath & Shower Gel and Body Scrub, aside from looking fancy on the side of my tub are an absolute balm to my often frazzled soul. One sniff and immediately any tension I have feels like it’s just sliding away from me.

NaturaBrasil Bath and Hair Care-Acai Body Scrub

The bath and shower gel foam up nicely and leave my skin feeling clean and smooth. And just look at how thick that body scrub is! It cuts right through the dirt and grime of everyday life and leaves my skin feeling so good.

Shira Esthetics


Shir-Organic Natural And Organic Skin Care Products

Shira Esthetics offers a line of organic, cruelty-free skin care products. There are a ton available to choose from for any skin care need. I was really intrigued to try their Shira Omega 3 Replenishing Day Cream as well as Shir-Organic Pure Sugarcane Microderm Peel (alcohol-free). They sent some samples of Shir-Organic Pure Cucumber Eye Cream and Shir-Organic Pure Avocado Moisturizer along with my products, which was pretty cool!

Shir-Organic Natural And Organic Skin Care Products-Shira Omega 3 Replenishing Day Cream

Personally, I prefer a day cream to a night cream because by the end of the day, I often stumble into bed without so much as removing my minimalistic makeup or taking out my contacts. Sometimes I don’t even take the time to brush my teeth. Yeah, I’m pretty lazy about maintaining a bedtime beauty routine.

But, I will often try to take the time to apply a day cream or face moisturizer before my short, basic makeup routine (concealer, sometimes some tinted BB cream, mascara and tinted lip gloss or lipstick). Shira Omega 3 Replenishing Day Cream goes on smooth and absorbs quickly. My skin feels noticeably better, in my opinion, and it makes a great base upon which to apply my concealer and tinted BB cream.

Since I’m in my 40’s now, the skin around my eyes sometimes looks dull and has lost some of the toned elasticity that youth provided. Shir-Organic Pure Cucumber Eye Cream gives all the benefits of cucumber to soothe and brighten without having to sit with slices of the actual vegetable covering my eyes. I’ve got too much to do to mess with taking the time to do that!

If you’re looking for a moisturizer that pulls double-duty, too, then one of my new faves is Shir-Organic Pure Avocado Moisturizer. Listen to this, not only does it contain multiple vitamins to nourish dry skin, it also fights free radicals and regular use can protect against sun damage and fight signs of premature aging. I mean, this hits every one of my skin care needs right on the head … I’m in!! It smells great and makes my skin feel soft and smooth, too.

Shir-Organic Natural And Organic Skin Care Products-Pure Sugarcane Microderm Peel

I’m not sure if microderm peels are all the rage anymore, but I’ve tried a few in my day (though not for a while now). Still, I have a vested interest in trying to look my best by sloughing away dead skin cells and stimulating a youthful glow if I still can. Shir-Organic Pure Sugarcane Microderm Peel is alcohol-free, gentle and works well for all skin types (even sensitive skin).

I appreciate that while it does remove dead skin cells and stimulate collagen production, it also manages to make my skin feel hydrated when I’m done. There’s nothing I dislike more than facial skin care products that leave my skin feeling either super dry and tight or like it’s drowning in oil and shiny when I’m done. I like to use this microderm peel and then follow it up with the day cream (if I use it in the morning) or with the Pure Avocado Moisturizer (on the rare occasion that I remember to do this at bedtime — most usually after a long soak in the tub).

Nature Lab Tokyo


Nature Lab Tokyo Hair Care

Since I have really long hair, it’s not uncommon for me to smell whatever shampoo and conditioner products I use when I turn my head or brush my hair. So, I definitely like hair care products that smell great. Nature Lab Tokyo Perfect Repair Hair Care Collection is absolutely a new favorite. It has a natural scent as the product fragrance is inspired by Japanese bamboo forests along with hints of cypress and green tea. This product line is also free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates and is cruelty-free, too.

I’m more likely to take showers than my husband on any given day. He usually only showers after being outside doing yard work. He’s pretty susceptible to poison ivy so I think showering helps get that stuff off his skin better than sitting in a tubful of bath water.

Anyway, I’ve noticed that the last several times I’ve jumped in the shower that he hasn’t bothered to bring the shampoo and conditioner that he regularly prefers from the garden tub area to the shower stall, instead obviously using the Nature Lab Tokyo products that I have in there already. So, I guess he must like them, too!

Nature Lab Tokyo Hair Care

I have been using the Perfect Hair Repair Shampoo and Conditioner regularly for a few weeks now. Not only do they work great and smell wonderful, but they look fancy in my shower and the pumps make it super easy to dispense the product without slippery bottles getting dropped from my butterfingers down onto my toes (grr! I hate when I do that!).



• Bamboo Stem Cells – Works to strengthen hair and promote healthy hair growth by extending the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle.

• Smart Keratin – Penetrates into the cortex of hair while reinforcing and protecting hair’s surface.

• Argan Oil – Provides extensive conditioning to restore luster and diminish frizz.

• Prickly Pear Oil – Rich in antioxidants, this lightweight oil shields strands from UV and free-radical damage.


Argan oil is something I already use to smooth and calm my frizzy split ends, so that and the Keratin are definitely welcome in my hair care routine anytime. I don’t know much about bamboo stem cells but, hey, if they give me stronger, healthier hair I won’t complain. And then there’s the Prickly Pear…I seriously never thought that was a real thing. I remember it from Disney’s The Jungle Book “The Bare Necessities” song, but I really just thought it was something fanciful that the writers came up with for the movie. You really do learn something new everyday, I guess.

Nature Lab Tokyo Hair Care-treatment masque

Since my hair is a bit damaged, I’ve really been into trying hair masks, too. Nature Lab Tokyo Perfect Repair Treatment Masque is a thick, clean-fragranced, luxurious feeling deep conditioning treatment for smoother, stronger hair. It definitely helps smooth hair and make it easier to manage. And it’s the perfect compliment to the shampoo and conditioner set, with the same great scent.

Nature Lab Tokyo Hair Care-treatment masque

Now that summertime is here we are all spending more time outdoors exposing our hair to UV rays, free-radical damage and all manor of abuses like trapping it up in pony tails and dousing it in pool chemicals. Having a hair repair regimen in place is very important! And I find this collection to be very affordably priced, too.

Like I said I’ve been using these for weeks and I’m still not too close to hitting the bottom of the bottles yet. I’ve tried a ton of hair care brands, and personally I rank this one in my top five. I will definitely purchase more of it to add to my rotating hair care product stash!

Tree Trunk With Moss

So, there you have it. The new natural and organic (and in cases, cruelty-free) skin, body, and hair care products that I’m using right now. With how crazy and increasingly polluted our world is getting, it’s nice to be able to fight back against that daily damage in any small way that I can.


How do you care for your skin and hair? Share your best tips in the comments!



Self-Care Is Totally Worth Your Time

Self-Care Is Totally Worth Your Time Self-Care Is Totally Worth Your Time Self-Care Is Totally Worth Your Time Self-Care Is Totally Worth Your Time Self-Care Is Totally Worth Your Time Self-Care Is Totally Worth Your Time

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