Safety Is Just A Click Away With This Tiny Lock

Safety Is Just A Click Away With This Tiny Lock from Ripple Safety

Safety Is Just A Click Away With This Tiny Lock

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We’re winding down the end of this year’s back to school rush and everyone is settling in with their new classes. No more fighting other parents for those red, three prong folders or wondering if that laptop was worth all the rave reviews.

We did everything to prepare our students for that first day back; bought their textbooks, decked out their dorm, and made sure they had the DREADED and EXPENSIVE parking pass.

But what did we do to ensure their SAFETY while on campus?

As a former college student – not so long ago at that – I can remember assuming my safety was not in question as we had campus security. I always parked under street lights and carried my key in my hand, ready to hop in my car and go. I checked my car to ensure there was no tampering and no one was hiding under it.

Even with all these precautions, I was not prepared for any situation where I would need help.

Prepare your student for emergencies with the Ripple Safety Lock!

Ripple Safety

This tiny lock packs a large punch when it comes to safety. Simply clip onto an area easy to reach and when you feel threatened, help is only a click away. Each Ripple Lock is only $10 per month (after purchase of the lock) with access to a live Ripple Safety Monitoring team.

To get started, after the purchase of your lock, you simply download the Ripple Safety app – available in both iTunes and Android. You then open the app and register your phone. Once registered, follow the directions provided in the Instructions packet that comes with your device to register your Ripple Lock with Bluetooth. Once this is complete, simply follow the account set up instructions and then you’ll be all set!

Ripple Locks can be worn anywhere and are discrete as they are only the size of a dime. In situations where you feel uncomfortable, click the lock once. A LIVE Ripple Safety monitoring team member will call your phone and stay on the line with you until you are safe. If you feel threatened and need immediate help that requires more than a phone call – click the lock three times and a member of the Ripple Safety Monitoring Team will dispatch emergency services to your location.

What if you don’t want to pay $10 per month but still want your student (and family) to feel safe?

Ripple Safety also offers the FREE Friends and Family Plan.

If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, click the lock once and Ripple Safety will send a text to up to FIVE persons of your choice. This will provide them with your location, so they can come to you. Click the lock three times for an emergency and Ripple Safety will send a text to up to FIVE persons of your choice that you are experiencing an emergency and need assistance.

Even though I do not have any college students in my home, I have elected to attach a lock to my daughter’s backpack. I have informed her preschool teachers of all the Ripple Safety features and they are ecstatic to have something like this in the classroom as the school provides them with limited options.

I have also elected to attach a lock to my key-chain so that if I am out shopping or am in my car and am uncomfortable, I am just a few clicks away from assistance.

Ripple Safety lock

Have any other favorite security options? Comment below and let us know!

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