Purify The Air Within Your Home

Purify The Air Within Your Home - Febreze Air Purifier Tower

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Freshness is a luxury for me as the only female in my household. Other than me, our family consists of my husband, our little boy, and two cats.

With asthma and allergies, my need for breathable and clean air is essential. It’s the difference between a really good day for me, or a struggling to breath and feeling exhausted kinda day.

Febreze Air Purifier Tower Eliminates Odors

We also love to cook in our home – especially international foods (like curry) that can leave behind strong odors. Febreze has long been a trusted brand by many when it comes to keeping the home smelling fresh. The Febreze Air Purifier Tower contains carbon pre-filter traps that eliminate all odors within a hour or so. The odor eliminating power of the tower has also worked wonders for any pet odor within our home.

The Febreze Air Purifier Tower emits a very peaceful, white noise sound that is very soothing. This would also be a great option for a nursery, dorm room or bedroom.

For me, I like to make sure that my home smells clean before company comes over. I love that this product has an option to add just the right amount of scent to help deodorize and refresh my home! You can use the Air Purifier with or without the scent cartridge, but for extra freshness, I’d recommend using it. Thankfully, for anyone sensitive to fragrance, there is a control dial that allows you to adjust the level of scent.

Febreze Air Purifier Tower Scent Cartridge Indicator Lights

There are also no guessing games about when to change the filter. The indicator light at the top of the tower will let you know when you need to replace scent cartridges or filters. I found this feature to be so helpful!

Here are some quick stats of the Febreze Air Purifier Tower:

  • The filtration system captures up to 99% of airborne pollutants
  • Specially formulated carbon pre-filter traps household odors
  • Indicator lights signal when it’s time to replace filter or scent cartridge
  • Scent control dial lets you adjust level of fresh scent added to air
  • Designed for medium to large rooms up to 170 square feet


Boxed and Sealed Febreze Air Purifier Tower

I love the Febreze Air Purifier Tower because it works effectively. It freshens and eliminates odors, while removing airborne pollutants. I have been breathing much better! I enjoy the simplicity and ease of use, the cartridges are easy to replace, and the indicator light always lets me know when the filter is due to be changed.

I’ve had a superb experience with the Febreze Air Purifier Tower. This will be a mainstay in my home for many years to come. Have you tried it? If you have please share your experience with us!


For More Information on Febreze Air Purifiers:

Website | Amazon




Purify The Air Within Your Home

Purify The Air Within Your Home

Purify The Air Within Your Home

Purify The Air Within Your Home

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