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This past year has been a whirlwind of events between the current pandemic and life in general. This summer, however, things are starting to fall into a place of “normalcy” and with that comes a sense of relief. I am finally able to enjoy warmer weather and all that, that entails. Sunshine, swimming pools, and cookouts.

First on the list with a group full of kids and warmer weather – sunscreen!

Photo Cred: Noodle & Boo

Sunscreen safe for kids

I know sunscreen seems like a common-sense item – however with a winter full of eczema finding the perfect sunscreen for my youngest has been pretty tricky. We came across Noodle & Boo SPF 30 Play Day Mineral Sunscreen. Noodle & Boo is made up of both Titanium Dioxide as well as well as Zinc Oxide – providing optimal skin coverage with up to 40 minutes of water resistance.

Reef Safe Sunscreen

This sunscreen is also paba-free, non-nano, REEF SAFE, and pediatrician tested. Noodle & Boo is a must-have in our outdoor bag because whether we are at the splash pad OR the playground, I know my kid’s skin is covered from harmful UVA & UVB Rays!

Covid Cases may be on a decline in my area due to warmer weather, however, the use of hand sanitizer is not!

Photo Cred: Dr. Bronner

While I generally try to stick with “clean” beauty products, I must admit that my guilty pleasure includes Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers! I love to catch them on sale and stock up on the in seasons scents. I keep them in my car, each of my purses, my kid’s backpacks, lunch boxes, etc. However with my daughter’s Celiac diagnosis, I had to look for a safer alternative, and for us, that was Dr. Bronner’s hand sanitizer.

Hand sanitizer to protect against germs

I cannot do this company justice enough with how clean and how many ways there are to use Dr. Bronner’s soaps – but their hand sanitizer gave the right amount of CLEAN scent while also giving me a clean conscious that the items my girls are using are gluten-free and safe for their bodies.

One other way I have prepared for the warmer weather and frequent outings include Once Upon A Farm snack packs!

Four Healthy Snacks to Add to Your Back to School Stash

I have reviewed Once Upon A Farm yogurt packs in the past and if anything, it just ignited our love for this company. I love how clearly labeled everything is and that I can make a purchase of their products knowing that they have chosen the most organic goods when it comes to the recipes they use. Our fridge stays stocked with Once Upon A Farm yogurts but recently we added Dairy Free Smoothies and Overnight Oats!

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What ways are you preparing for the warmer weather?

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