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When I think of Northern European countries, the first thing that comes to mind are the gorgeous women. Nordic women in general are absolutely stunning. Their slender stature, light eyes and can we talk about flawless glowing skin! Many of their eye catching attributes not only have to do with genetics, but the environment and the unpolluted natural resources that surrounds them. We may not have the same genetics, but what if we could bottle up all that Nordic goodness and make it a part of our beauty routine?

Viking Beauty Secrets and Skin Care

Certified Organic by ECO Cert .

Skin care for extreme weather changes.

Contains 3 arctic super berries.

Cruelty Free. Non-GMO.Vegan.

Achieve the Scandinavian Glow.

Nordic women have a natural beauty about them. They believe less is more and to let your skin naturally glow. The general philosophy of many Nordic women is that if their skin is kept in tip-top condition, then why need anything else like makeup?

Healthy skin is a sign of a healthy body.

What makes Viking Beauty Secrets so unique are the ingredients, which are highly resilient and from unpolluted areas of Northern Europe. The ingredients are natural & organic and are meant to penetrate your skin in order to hydrate and give that healthy Scandinavian glow.

Exfoliating Facial Scrub

The Viking Beauty Secrets Exfoliating Facial Scrub contains Icelandic volcanic sand and rowan-berries. Personally, I have never used anything with volcanic sand, just micro-beads, and the textures are very different. The volcanic sand is actually refined volcanic lava, so the particles are all different shapes and sizes. It is a natural exfoliator that was not harsh on my sensitive skin, a huge win for me!

The ‘glow’ that you get after using Viking Beauty Secrets is from the rowan-berries. Since rowan-berries have a very high content of different vitamins, it helps brighten & tighten your skin for that youthful glow we are all after. Viking Beauty Secrets facial scrub is rich in omegas and a variety of fatty acids that come from Nordic raspberries. It helps reduce the appearance of redness and evens out your skin tone.

The formulation is oil based and comes out of the component clear. Once you start massaging in the Viking Beauty facial scrub, it immediately turns into a milky white lather. A dime size is the perfect amount to massage into your face and neck. I could really feel the volcanic sand doing its job exfoliating and deep cleaning my skin when massaging it in. It is recommended to leave on your skin for at least 2 minutes so that the ingredients can really seep in and nourish your skin.

The results are amazing after rinsing! Leaving it on your skin for the extra 2 minutes made a big difference in the overall brightness of my skin tone. Since the exfoliation is gentle, you can use the Viking Beauty Exfoliating Facial Scrub 3x’s a week!

Day Cream

Viking Beauty Day Cream retails $46.00 USD

Once you got your glow on after exfoliating with Viking Beauty Secrets Facial Scrub, its time to lock in some hydration with Viking Beauty Day Cream. The Day Cream is loaded with organic Nordic ingredients such as cloud-berries that keeps our collagen in tact. The rowan berries naturally reduce bacterial growth and acts as an anti- inflammatory for your skin (great for people with eczema!)

The Day Cream is nice and light with no fragrance. It definitely leaves my skin feeling ‘plump’ and hydrated. Viking Beauty Secrets Day Cream quickly absorbs into your skin, and is a great base when putting on your makeup. It helps the application go on flawlessly.

After 5 days of continuous use of Viking Beauty Secrets Day Cream, I have noticed my skin looks firmer and very soft to the touch. Nordic ingredients such as buck-thorn help promote elasticity & moisture and even provides a natural barrier on our skin for protection. I love that there is just the right amount of hyaluronic acid to give your skin that extra ‘juicy’ & ‘healthy’ look.

Viking Beauty Secrets Exfoliating Facial Scrub & Day Cream are an amazing duo. Gentle enough to use daily with ingredients that can only be found in the Nordic region. I have noticed my skin has been firmer, brighter, & incredibly soft.

If your looking to change up your skin care routine to achieve the iconic Scandinavian glow, try Viking Beauty Secrets. Your glow game will have everyone asking whats your secret.

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