Papa Murphy’s is My Favorite Pizza Joint

Papa Murphy's is My Favorite Pizza Joint

Papa Murphy’s is My Favorite Pizza Joint

Our family loves a good pizza. You might say we’re fanatics. One of our very favorite places to get pizza from is Papa Murphy’s. The best thing about Papa Murphy’s is that you stop in, choose the pizza you want, watch them assemble it right in front of you, then you take it home, bake it and enjoy!

Papa Murphy's is My Favorite Pizza JointWe’ve really liked every pizza we’ve tried there. They have a taco pizza that is out of this world, though it’s only available at certain times of the year. When it is, we always get it at least once before it’s gone again.

Our very favorite is the Thai Chicken deLITE. The pizza is topped with sweet chili sauce, mozzarella cheese, zucchini, grilled chicken, a mix of white, red and green onions, crushed red pepper flakes, all on a cracker-thin crust. This particular pizza may not be available at all locations. If your local restaurant happens to offer it, you must try it.

Yesterday I was SO not into cooking anything for dinner. I had absolutely no inspiration at all and no desire to stand in the kitchen trying to pull something together. I spent all morning cleaning the kitchen, living room and bathrooms and the afternoon catching up on episodes of Rizzoli & Isles I’d recorded on the DVR but not had a chance to actually watch. The kids had just started back to school the day before and I had a mountain of that crappy first-of-the-year paperwork the schools love to dump on you sitting on the dining room table waiting to be filled out — hence the cleaning and TV binge. Classic avoidance. LOL

I had to pick my son up from marching band practice at 6:45 that evening, after stopping at Tractor Supply Company to buy chicken feed, cracked corn and dog food. On the way into town, I had the brilliant idea that Papa Murphy’s was only about a mile from TSC. It sounded good (and easy) to me, so I decided to text the hubby to see if that sounded good for dinner to him, too. Of course, he’d had a hard day at work and was very enthusiastic about the idea of indulging in our favorite pizza and relaxing before watching the Republican debate on TV.

Papa Murphy's is My Favorite Pizza JointSo, this is what was for dinner last night. The pizza on the left is the Thai Chicken deLITE ($11 for a large). My kids like plain old cheese pizza, so I got the FAVE dinner deal — large cheese pizza, a 2-liter of soda and a side (the cookie dough in the tub on the right of the pic) for only $10. In a rare mood for salad, I added that as well. It came with two packages each packages of Ranch dressing and croutons. In all, I paid $28 and change for dinner for five, cheaper than any pizza joint around and we were able to enjoy it at our dining room table — priceless family time that seems to be in shorter and shorter supply as the kids all get older. We had a great time, eating and talking about the two younger kids’ first couple of days of school and getting the scoop on our oldest daughter’s new job she will be starting next week. Cell phones went to the side and we actually just talked and laughed. It was so great!

We had so much fun at dinner, and laughing at Donald Trump’s sometimes comic non-political debate finesse that I never even got around to popping the cookies into the oven. Those will make a great snack this weekend sometime.

If you choose to try Papa Murphy’s, check your local Sunday paper first. Sometimes you can find an advertisement included with the coupon inserts that have valuable coupons. You could also try searching the internet for coupons to print and use. If you’re not sure if there is a restaurant in your area, head to their website and enter your city & state or zip code in the search area at the top right of their home page to find one. I promise, you will not be disappointed.

If you try it (or already love it) let me know your favorite pizza options!

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