Our Second Trip To Disney World Plus My Tips

Our Second Trip To Disney World Plus My Tips

We recently returned from a mini-vacation to Disney World.  This was our second trip to Disney World.  We spent 3 days at the parks.  This time around we kept to Magic Kingdom and Epcot. We spent the majority of our time at Magic Kingdom. The first time going to Disney World, we visited all four parks but were unimpressed with Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  At the time we went to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, they were starting to close everything up and it was only 7pm!  So we didn’t really get to experience much there, plus it wasn’t geared towards our son who loves rides.  Our son really had no interest in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  The rides they did have were carnival type of rides.  He wasn’t interested in the animals either.

I came up with 8 tips to keep in mind when visiting Disney World:

1.) Wear comfortable shoes

2.) Bring and Use sunscreen throughout the day. You will be in the sun.

3.) Wear sunglasses and/or a hat

4.) Bring a backpack for snacks, water, and other necessities

5.) If you must have a purse (like me), use a cross body purse. This way your hands are free

6.) Drink plenty of water

7.) Bring your patience (long lines, fussy kids)

8.) Baby wipes or wet wipes for sticky hands and faces or for a quick wipe down

Inside the kitchen

We stayed in a hotel with a “full” kitchen.  This is beneficial if you are staying for several days.  You don’t have to eat out every time you are hungry.  We had access to all of the amenities of a kitchen: refrigerator, microwave, stove, sink, dishwasher and more!

Dining and Kitchen

Magic Kingdom was so crowded but everyone  was nice and courteous.  Park goers are like you, they are there with their friends and/or family.  I love the family friendly atmosphere at the Disney parks.

I wish we could have splurged on souvenirs.  I wanted to get a sweatshirt that said “Disney World 2012” or something similar, however sweatshirts are $51.95!  T-shirts are about $31.95 and up!  After seeing those prices, I quickly realized I didn’t need apparel that badly.

Family Pic On The Ferry

We had so much fun!  After this trip, we realized we cannot squeeze Disney World into 3 days.  We can easily spend an entire day at one park and by the time we get  back to the hotel we are tired and sore.  We need a day to rest in between each park visit.

Disney quote

We go to Disney World for our son.  Disney World has a way of making us forget about life’s worries. We had so much fun!  Our son loved all of the rides we took him on!  Seeing his smile is priceless!

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  1. Go off property for apparel. It is so much cheaper. I wanted a vintage Mickey shirt but didn’t want to pay that much. You could hide dollar store or cheap Disney mech in your suitcase and lay it out one morning so the kids don’t see it come from your suitcase. They will likely be none the wiser. 🙂

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