We Changed One Component Of Our Workstation and We are Thrilled

We Changed One Component Of Our Desk Set Up and We are Thrilled!
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As a Mom, there are never enough hours in the day to complete all the tasks on my checklist. As a Mom who writes for a Blog, goes to School, carries a decent Social Media load, AND is a beauty enthusiast the task is even harder when topped with mom duties. I decided to change one major aspect when it comes to my workstation. This one change has truly has made all the difference for me. I hope it will for you as well.

What change could I have possibly made with my workstation? It’s simple. Just the light in which I was using. I had been using this cheapo light from Walmart that was less than $10 and did the job. It wasn’t the best at its job but it lit up my workplace. That’s all that mattered. Plus it was cheap.

Ottlite Wellness Series Organized Desk Lamp

Recently though, I have become more attached to my work station. The lighting had been a major complaint from me. When working on my nails, there were unnecessary shadows which left me with streaks and uneven polish. It also left me with parts of my nail not even painted, which I despise. I would get headaches from constantly squinting my eyes while doing classwork or while typing on my laptop. However, Ottlite has changed all of that.

Ottlite Wellness Series Lamps

Ottlite Wellness Series lamps use ClearSun LED bulbs which gives clearer lighting that is the closest to natural lighting (from the sun) as one can find. ClearSun LED bulbs have been proven to lessen the strain on your eyesight. IF you are blessed with astigmatism as I have been, you can immediately tell the difference when using Ottlite lamps.

I was given the Organize Ottlite LED Desk Lamp which is compact, stylish, and easy to adjust. It comes with a convenient pen holder and a touch on/off switch. The Ottlite LED Desk Lamp is different from other lamps though because of the brightness settings. You can change the brightness between 3 different levels with an easy tap of the power button.

Ottlite Wellness Series Organized Desk Lamp Power Button
Ottlite Wellness Series Organized Desk Lamp Pen Holder

Below I have attached images of what I attempted to show the brightness differences on the light switch modes between dimmest and brightest. The lightest setting is very low key, dim, and easy on the eyes for late night social media lurking. The medium setting is considerably brighter but most helpful when reading small text on a page while studying or enjoying a good book. The brightest setting though is by far my favorite when it comes to doing some artwork on my nails or when working on Calligraphy, a hobby I have recently decided to give a try.

Ottlite Wellness Series Desk Lamp Brightness

Ottlite offers a range of desk lamps as well as room lamps to fit any style and need. I have recently become infatuated with their desk lamp that has a wireless charger. Talk about CONVENIENT! You can charge your phone (if wireless charging capable) while you focus on the work at your desk and eliminate the need for one more cord to cause clutter.

Where can you find “Ottlite Wellness Series Lamps”? Ottlite, JoAnns, Office Max, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Home Depot, Target, and other retailers.

What is one thing you have changed about your workstation that has made all the difference?

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