New Phone. New Case, Who Dis?

My previous phone was at least 3 years old. I was eager and excited when I upgraded my phone earlier this year. It was also the perfect time to get a new case for it. Having a case to protect my phone is a must! As any smartphone user knows, a protective case helps keep your phone safe and secure! Ready to upgrade your phone case?

New phone. New Case, Who Dis? 

New Phone. New Case, Who Dis?
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I have a favorite brand that I wanted a phone case from. I ordered it after I ordered my phone. Since I’ve had my new phone, I’ve added a few cute and stylish phone cases to the mix!

As with any phone case, I want one to show off my mood, things I’m crazy about, or just cute and fun ones! 

This time around, I found 3 phone cases that really stood out to me. They are all limited-edition styles, so I had to add them to my rotation!

Upgrade your phone case

Rainbow Strips Color Block Case

When I saw the Rainbow Strips Color Block Case, I knew I wanted to have it. It caught my eye because it reminded me of a vintage look. The design reminded me of my childhood for some reason. Doesn’t it remind you of a 70s and 80s vibe? It has a simple look and I love it! 

Everything old is new again. There are remakes of our favorite movies and television shows. In addition to Stranger Things being a cult favorite, the 80s are hot right now! So, when I saw the Rainbow Strips Color Block Case, it reminded me of everything 80s and my childhood! 

It’s Just a Phase Marble Moon Case

The second case to catch my eye is the It’s Just a Phase Marble Moon Case! I believe the phases of the moon affects people’s thoughts, actions, and mood. I try to stay mellow and laid back. It can be tough being a single mom, feeling stressed and overwhelmed, but I do my best to stay grounded. 

I’ve worked in customer service before. Whenever it was a full moon, we always had something crazy or off-the-wall happen! I love seeing the moon every night and I like that I can see the moon from my bedroom window! 

Bright Yellow Sunflowers Clear Case

I love bright and happy colors. Sunflowers are always so pretty to me. I would love to try growing giant sunflowers! In the meantime, the Bright Yellow Sunflowers Clear Case is perfect to enjoy!

The Bright Yellow Sunflowers Clear Case will definitely brighten your mood and outlook for the day! 

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What type of phone case do you use on your phone? As you can tell, I like different designs and they each represent my mood. My Casely phone cases keep my phone safe and secure. I feel confident my phone is protected! 

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  1. These all look like they’d make wonderful gifts.

  2. Darlene Carbajal says

    Cute! I love the sunflower case.

  3. Dana Rodriguez says

    These are so cute. I really love the floral case.

  4. Shannon Holmes says

    I am loving these phone cases, thanks for sharing with us.

  5. My son has 2 cases camo and black gut I am sure my daughter would love these more stylish ones . Rganks for sharing.

  6. Shannon D Citrino says

    I love customizing my phone case! It’s so much fun to look at and create new ideas for it.

  7. Kelly Kimmell says

    Pretty phone cases, especially the sunflowers.

  8. Pretty

  9. Courtney Scarbin says

    My phone case definitely expresses my personality! I try to switch it up every few months. Right now it’s snowflakes in celebration of the winter weather up ahead.

  10. Antoinette M says

    Lots of options for phone cases these days. I like the sunflower case!

  11. I LOVE the design on the moon case. And yes, without a case I’d be forever dropping my phone. ? Thank you for sharing!

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