My Quest to Find an Effective Eczema Remedy

My Quest to Find an Effective Eczema Remedy

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As parents, we’ll do whatever it takes for our kids. If there is a way to remove their discomfort, we will go to the ends of the earth to find it.

Since my son was born, I had been fighting an up-hill battle against his eczema from day one. I’d tried countless products from the pharmacy and experimented with different creams from his pediatrician. I’d even tried numerous natural, homeopathic recommendations. Nothing worked.

Right before my son’s third birthday, I found an all-natural Pine Tar Neem soap that worked wonders on his eczema. However, I still hadn’t been successful in finding a cream or salve that would protect and heal his skin.

My Quest to Find an Effective Eczema Remedy

The Eczema Company was kind enough to aid me in my struggle. They helped me find a product that would help eliminate the dry, irritated patches of eczema that afflicted his skin. The Organic Manuka Honey Skin Cream was recommended to me and after reading the description, it sounded like it could be a very beneficial product.

Manuka Honey Cream is triple threat; it works as a barrier for skin, combats bacteria, and reduces inflammation. In New Zealand, Manuka honey is renowned for its medicinal properties. It is 10 times more powerful than tea tree oil and comes without the unpleasant odor. Manuka Honey smells creamy and sweet. It also contains 1,000 times more methylglyoxal than other forms of honey; perfect for wound recovery and fighting eczema. Organic Manuka Honey Cream is a medicine cabinet essential; an antiseptic that works effectively on psoriasis, rosacea, eczema, and minor first-aid injuries. This incredible cream is also GMO free.

When I received my container of Manuka Honey Skin Cream, I was a little apprehensive. My son was tired of all the countless, failed treatments we’d tried. He’d usually put up some resistance when trying a new product. When I showed him the container and explained it was made from a special kind of honey, his interested peaked.

Winnie the Pooh, one of his favorite characters, loved honey. Maybe a cream made from honey wouldn’t be so scary afterall?

My Quest to Find an Effective Eczema Remedy

I opened the container and rubbed a little bit of the cream between my fingers; the consistency was smooth and buttery, without any stickiness. When I started applying it to several of his eczema patches, my son commented on how nice it smelled.

Within one week, two of the patches went away completely. Two of the larger patches have greatly reduced in inflammation. I really look forward to continuing Organic Manuka Honey Cream as a treatment for his eczema. So far, the results have been very impressive!

Now, putting Organic Manuka Honey Skin Cream on my son’s eczema is no challenge. It’s the only treatment he’s allowed me to apply with zero struggle or dispute. He asks for his “honey” cream every morning before getting dressed and every night before going to bed.

As a mom, it makes me feel glad that we’ve found a product that is natural, effective, and my son enjoys. I highly recommend The Eczema Company for their attentive service and desire to help customers find a product they’ll truly be satisfied with.

You can purchase on Organic Manuka Honey Skin Cream Amazon.

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  1. My son also suffers from eczema and doesn’t like trying new lotions either! A lot of them irritate his skin and feel like it’s burning when I apply it. That was creative of you to relate it to Winnie the Pooh. My son would probably be convinced to try it for the same reason. I’m glad it’s working for your son, and it’s nice to know the cream isn’t sticky.

    • Katharine says

      Thank you for your kind words, Brenda ☺ It really is a terrific product!

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