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The world that we live in today is a melting pot of generations that have come from all over the world and settle to the United States of America. However, I am a melting pot of Spanish and Indian descent, the only thing is that when I say that I have to specify that I am an Island Indian and not Native American. With me having two different heritages in my background, I have come in contact with East Indian Company and I am obsessed with how succulent their products are.


Naturally I love eating sweet thing and sumptuous treats. You can always taste the extra care that was taken by the brand to make sure that the product has a high quality to it. In the 17th Century, The East India Company ships returned with the finest coffees, spices, exotic fruits and chocolates. The Caramelised Pecans are an exquisite treat that is enrobed in chocolate that is paradise to devour. The pecans are caramelised and coated with Gianduja, enrobed in milk chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder.

Sea Salt Caramel

From the moment you open the beautiful container of Caramelised Pecans, you get the sweet smell of dark chocolate that overpowers your sense of being with wanting to just take one bite. In your hand, the pecan candy has some weight to it. Still, you want to take a bite and taste that cocoa power and lick what’s left on your fingertips. When you bite into the Caramelised Pecan, your teeth cut through the chocolate and Gianduja like warm butter. The thick Gianduja is a new texture for me that adds to the whole experience, making the nice thick tasting chocolate spread. It also has 30 percent hazelnut in it. Once you get past that devilishly good layer, you get to the Caramelised Pecan. The Caramelised Pecans has a firm crunchy layer of caramel that you bit through to get to the soft pecan that makes everything come together in that one bite.

EIC Pecan

Keeping my sweet tooth engulfed in pleasure, you really need to let your taste buds experience the scrumptious taste of the Caramel and Sea Salt Biscuits. These Biscuits are not your ordinary biscuits that you get at your local grocery store down the block. These Caramel and Sea Salt biscuits are some of the most scrumptious biscuits that I have tasted in a very long time.

EIC Biscuits

The Biscuits are very light and crunchy that have just the right amount of moisture to keep the biscuits tasty. When you pair it with your favorite cup of tea, it makes the experience totally different. It makes my tea a little sweeter and the sea salt elevates it to another level. I just to pull out one of my favorite books and start reading while drinking my hot tea and eating the biscuits.

EIC Loose Tea

Nowadays, with the weather refreshing and summer coming just around the corner. I love how the weather is outside at night and if I had a round shape outdoor bed I would be in wonderland.

I just sit outside with my laptop and a scrumptious snack, it just keeps me going. In a matter of fact, a cup of Royal Breakfast Tea is a vast refreshment with the blend of black teas from India and Sri Lanka that is something that would give you a new experience. This was the very first time that I have ever used a loose leaf tea before and it is an experience that is so different than just dipping a bag in a cup of hot water. Whenever I am drinking hot tea it always has to have just a little bit of milk and honey for the right amount of sweetness. You start off by brewing just 2 teaspoons of tea for three to four minutes. You very well could make it as strong or weak as you desire.

Chocolate Pecan

These are a perfect treat for my fellow mothers out there that love to relax outside and read.

So this Mother’s Day, why not treat her to something sweet from East India Company?

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