Must-Haves For An Easy Weekend Getaway Look


Must-Haves For An Easy Weekend Getaway Look-Jewelry Junkie-Londontown lakur Nail Color-Robin McGraw's Revelation Skin Care

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As we are dwindling down to the last few weeks of summer, its time to book those weekend getaways you’ve spent so much time talking about. Take a break from your hectic life and use a getaway as a chance to slow down and relax. Rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Let me help you save some time on your preparation list by sharing these three must-have brands to give you a vacay-ready look fast!


Why is it as women, our first worry when it comes to planning a vacation, is how our nails look?


I see it time and time again, we rush to nail salon to get in that manicure and pedicure so that we look our best while on our trip. Forking out a hefty amount of money that we could save and use for other enjoyable excursions on our getaway.

Londontown lakur


Londontown lakur nail polish has made the nail salon, one step you can skip on your list of getting prepped for your getaway.

Londontown has successfully made a line of nail polishes that look just as great as if you’d gone to the salon when paired with their ridge filling polish and top coat, while still obtaining a vegan and cruelty-free status. It is so very rare these days to find a truly vegan and cruelty-free nail polish line that holds up to the expectations of a smooth finish, looking just as amazing as other leading brands while lasting as long as a salon job. Londontown has managed to do just that though!

Londontown has a rather large color selection going from bold and brave to naturally beautiful. I sampled the following items from the Londontown lakur collection:

Londontown Lakur Nail Color


I am beyond thrilled with the ease of application and how smooth the final outcome was.


To obtain a smooth and longlasting finish:

  1. Apply 1 to 2 light coats of the kur Fortifying Ridge Filler and let dry. I noticed right away that it dries much quicker than other base coats I have used in the past.
  2. Apply one light coat of the nail polish color of your choice.
  3. Apply another light second coat of polish, this ideally should be your last coat of the color polish.
  4. Apply the kur Protective Top Coat for a lasting shine.

It’s as simple as that!


Londontown Nail polish can be purchased through their website, Ulta Beauty, and Neiman Marcus, almong other retailers.

You can also use Londontown’s search feature to find their nail polish at a store near you.


Jewelry Junkie to the rescue. Get your easy Getaway look!


Jewelry Junkie Bar-Gray Netstone with Pave Accent Bead Bracelet


All jewelry from The Jewelry Junkie is handcrafted in Texas by a small company specializing in unique one-of-a-kind items. So you can purchase from Jewelry Junkie and know your product was made in the United States and that you aren’t going to get just another production piece that thousands of other women are carrying.

Each piece being handmade means that no two, are ever exactly the same. Jewelry Junkie offers a wide range of jewelry varying from earrings to chokers to bracelets. Their jewelry is so versatile that you can literally put it on and go. Its the perfect addition to complete any outfit whether you’re going for a quick lunch at your favorite spot or a night out on the town.

My favorite piece to date is the Bar-Gray Netstone with Pave Accent Bead Bracelet. The workmanship is beyond what I find at many other retailers. This piece is so easy to put on and head out the door which is why I had to add it the list of making your getaway trip planning simpler. Jewelry you can just put on and go that also isn’t mass-produced is a rare and treasured gem.


Let Robin McGraw’s Revelation line ease your skin care worries for your getaway.


Robin McGraw Revelation Skin Care


The final must-have beauty item to simplify your getaway packing list is Robin McGraw Revelation’s face masks. If our nails are going to look their best for a getaway, why not our faces too? Robin McGraw Revelation’s NEW sheet masks, have made tending to our skincare needs that much easier.

I have tried and thoroughly recommend:


I really loved how simple Robin McGraw Revelation’s face masks were to use and how refreshed they left my skin feeling. The face masks come in a pleasant scent and there is no water needed to use them!

Simply apply the  face mask for 15-20 minutes, take it off and rub in the leftover product until your skin absorbs it. That’s it!

My skin felt smooth for days after use and the description actually addresses the problem area that it claims to! That’s huge since a lot of companies say their face mask addresses certain issues but fail to deliver. No worries on false advertising with Robin McGraw Revelation’s line.


I hope you will consider Londontown lakur, Jewelry Junkie, and Robin McGraw Revelation facemasks when it comes to simplifying your end of summer getaway list.


If traveling isn’t in the cards right now, consider checking out our tips for How to Have A Tropical Getaway Without Leaving Your Home.


Must-Haves For An Easy Weekend Getaway Look-Jewelry Junkie-Londontown lakur Nail Color-Robin McGraw's Revelation Skin Care


What beauty brands simplify your getaway experience?

Must-Haves For An Easy Weekend Getaway Look

Must-Haves For An Easy Weekend Getaway Look

Must-Haves For An Easy Weekend Getaway Look 

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