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We all need a little luxury in our lives, especially when it comes to our skin care. We do not need to be royalty or a super star to experience it, but there are little things you can add to your self care routine that can make you look and feel like a million bucks.

MIG is a premium and gorgeous skin care line with a self care philosophy to help you look and feel your best self. Along with beautifully hand crafted products, there is the highly intriguing MIG Method that will help you explore and understand what your body is really worth.

The MIGBody Method‘ is something we can all get on board and implement into our daily ritual. The 6 basic steps will have your body thanking you for the royal treatment you have been giving it.

Step 1 is ‘Activate‘ where you start your day with purpose and intention in order to begin the transformation process. Step 2 is to ‘Detoxify‘ your skin with a simple body brush to awaken and stimulate. Step 3 is to ‘Cleanse’ by using nourishing soaps to clean and restore. Step 4 is to ‘Hydrate’ with creams & lotions. Step 5 is to ‘Exfoliate‘ & Step 6 is to ‘Nourish’ in order to pamper and restore your skin. Simple steps, but with incredible results that will remind you that your body is worth it.

Luxury Body Soap

Luxury body soaps? Is this really a thing? We are here to tell you that it is, and you will be so surprised at the difference it will make in your skin.

MIG’s Ritual Cleansing Bar will have you questioning every body soap you have ever used. The Ritual Cleansing Bar is highly aromatic with such an incredible intoxicating smell that will have you second guessing if you are actually in a spa. The soaps are hand crafted with potent herbs and honey that are all freshly farmed. Other skin loving ingredients such as shea butter, essential oils, olive and coconut oils will leave your skin feeling soft, supple and hydrated.

My favorite part about MIG’s Rital Cleansing Bar is how my entire bathroom smelled like fresh herbs with floral notes. The aromatic smell lingers in your bathroom and on your skin. My arms tend to be the driest part on my body, and I loved how smooth & soft they felt just after one use. Imagine that feeling every day for a week! I no longer cringe of embarrassment when my husband touches my arms or shoulders, and I have my skin confidence back just after a good cleansing.

Luxury Body Lotion

Hands down my FAVORITE all natural body lotion I have tried thus far is MIG’s Ritual Body Lotion Bar. Many natural lotions will hydrate your skin for a small amount of time before you need to re-apply. MIG’s Ritual Body Lotion Bar will leave your skin feeling gorgeously soft for days. Talk about a skin care game changer!

MIG’s Ritual Body Lotion Bar deeply hydrates your skin and has a beautiful scent that lingers. I love the applicator on the Ritual Body Lotion Bar, it applies the perfect amount without wasting any product. My skin looks and feels healthy & soft and is the perfect addition to any skin care routine.

The Ritual Body Lotion Bar is great for all skin types, especially sensitive skin and can even be used on babies. It has all natural ingredients such as shea butter, pumpkin & hemp seed oil, and other amazing herbs that create the perfect moisturizer for your skin.

Wouldn’t you want a little luxury treatment for your skin?

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