Living The Green Life: Decorating With Houseplants

Decorating with houseplants has been one of the hottest trends lately, especially since the pandemic rocked our world. Yet people have been decorating with houseplants for decades! Having that lively pop of green really adds to a space; it creates personality that livens up a room. Houseplants make a space feel more like home when filled with vibrant colors creating a relaxed vibe.

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When decorating with houseplants, you have many factors to consider. Here are a few tips to help green up your space.

Care & Lighting Requirements

When shopping for houseplants, you have to consider care and lighting requirements. An easy way is to do research about the houseplant you chose. Learning about how a plant grows in its natural habitat can help you mimic that environment in your home.

First and foremost, identify all the windows in your home. Learn if they are North, South, East or West facing windows. Here in the U.S, North facing windows receive the least amount of sunlight, and the South receives the most. South facing windows are ideal for sun loving plants such as succulents & cacti, and North facing windows would be ideal for low light plants such as Sansevierias & ZZ plants. I found that East and West facing windows are suitable for most plant lighting needs.

When it comes to a watering schedule, try to group plants together with similar needs. This helps avoid over/ under watering which can be the biggest killer of houseplants. You may even consider adding a humidifier for your moisture loving tropical plants. If you are lucky enough to have a bathroom with windows, it can be an ideal place for houseplants such as calatheas and orchids.

Decorating with Houseplants: Aesthetics

Pots play a huge role in decorating with houseplants. Try your best to use similar colored pots and hangers for a more cohesive look. If you are not one for color, terracotta pots or all white ceramic pots go with any décor.

It is ideal that all your planters have proper drainage to avoid root rot or pest infestation such as fungus gnats. If you come across a container you love, but does not have any drainage, a diamond hole drill bit is ideal to drill drainage holes.

Make sure to use saucers under your pots to catch water run off to protect your furniture. Without a saucer, the water can puddle under your pot causing damage to the wood or laminate underneath. Mold can even begin to grow causing a slew of issues to your furniture or floor. Saucers can purchased relatively cheap or you can even use old plates under your pots.

When arranging your plants, keep larger/ taller plants towards the back and smaller plants towards the front. Trailing and vining plants look wonderful in hanging planters, especially when they are full. While I love the look of certain macramé plant hangers, metal or brass hangers add a unique and timeless look to your décor.

Hasting House Design on Etsy has a beautiful selection of unique plant hangers that can compliment any aesthetic.

Hasting House Design‘s creator Dena has created metal plant hangers in a variety of finishes from brass, shiny gold, nickel, and black.

Some of my favorites from her collection have beautiful wood bases and even double plant holders which are great space saver.

The metal plant hangers from Hasting House Design are versatile and can even accommodate plant saucers so you do not have to worry about water run off. I love the extra security the brass pins provide to secure your pot to the chain to hold your plant in place.

Hasting House Design plant hangers are approximately 24 inches in length and are made from a sturdy 14 gauge steel jack chain. So there will never be any worry about your plant hanger breaking and crashing to the floor.

Where to Buy Houseplants

With the pandemic still in full swing, many plant nursery’s are still closed to the public; so ordering online may be the only choice. It is often difficult to find a reputable on-line seller that takes care in shipping plants to their customers.

New Leaves is a reliable on-line plant nursery that specializes in native, vegetable, herb and houseplants.

I received a gorgeous Black Goldfish plant that arrived in perfect condition with no damage. New Leaves took the time to carefully pack their plant so that it did not move or shift during shipment.

The Black Goldfish plant is a very finicky plant, and can drop all its leaves with any type of change to their environment. So I was impressed that it did not loose any of its leaves during shipment. It arrived healthy and full in a hanging pot. I can not wait for it to bloom its gorgeous flowers.

New Leaves always keeps a great stock of must have houseplants, especially the ever so popular Monstera Deliciosa, Fiddle Leaf Fig and a variety of trailing Devils Ivy. With an affordable price point on all their plants, it will make shopping for houseplants so much easier and can make wonderful gifts this holiday season!

What are some of your favorite houseplants to decorate with?

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