Liven Up Your Living Space On A Budget

Whether you’re looking to brighten your space or liven up your living space on a budget, we’ve got you covered with affordable ideas!

Liven Up Your Living Space On A Budget
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It’s that time of year where we change the scenery of our living spaces. Whether it be a dorm room for back to school or we start putting out those decorations for the impending holiday. It’s also the end of summer which means decluttering the house from the activities that filled your calendars. I’d like to share a few of my favorite key pieces of when it comes to redecorating my living space.

Costa Farms

Costa Farms

First and foremost, why not liven your space with something beneficial to both you and the environment? Plants. Finding the perfect plant is easier than ever with Costa Farms easy to find plants.

Costa Farms can be found at Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, Amazon, and more. I have found several of Costa Farms plants beginning at $2.98 to $5.98 at my local Lowes. Of course, this is just my area, so your prices may vary depending on where you live.

Each plant comes with a nifty identifier that lets you know their name, their preferential lighting, and watering needs. If that isn’t enough, Costa Farms has made it even easier by adding a tool on their website that allows you to list your needs based on type, lighting, personality, and plant preferences/needs.

Golden Pathos

Plants also provide benefits for you and the environment around you. Plants are the best air purifier money can buy.

With the thousands of different personalities, plants can also make for that perfect accent piece no matter what the locating may be. Horrible green thumb? Dim lighting? Bright lighting? Humid Air? Dry Air? There is a plant for all of that, and then some. Let Costa Farms help you find the best plant for your living space.

Things To Consider When Buying Plants

  • Light – how much light can your living space provide for a plant? Too much can leave some plants burned and too little will leave your plant withered in a deprived state.
  • Watering– How often will you remember to water your plant? Some plants are finicky and love a good drink of water on the daily whereas others may only want a sip every once in a while.

If you’re looking to add a little extra boost of care with your indoor plants, consider Cinderite. Cinderite can be added on top of your soil to prevent fungus, algae, and pests. It can also be mixed into your soil for better water distribution as well as water retention (again, pay attention to how much water your plant likes!).

Cinderite is a high-energy soil amendment that can be mixed in with potting soils, germination media, bed preparation, farms, gardens and landscapes. It increases water retention within the soil and adds vital minerals and paramagnetism. It creates a physical improvement and stabilizes unhealthy, nutrient deficient soil. The angular porous pieces of lava hold and exchange nutrients efficiently and attract and redistribute energy back into the soil. Cinderite makes nutrients more available to plant roots and provides aeration and porosity to the soil.


Loretta Belle Art

Loretta Belle Art and Costa Farms

Looking for another way to liven up your living space without the upkeep of live plants? Loretta Belle Art is should be on your list. Loretta Belle Art provides magnificent watercolor paintings of nature. That includes plants and even the sky (daytime or night time).

I have always had an attraction to the beauty and simplicity associated with the night sky. There is just something special about the night sky that is empowering and yet humbling. Loretta Belle Art has done an amazing job at catching that key piece of the evening sky. The best part is that Loretta Belle Art can be purchased in multiple sizes. Ranging from 8.5×11 to even 5×5.

Loretta Belle Art

Loretta Belle Art also offers designs on mugs, bookmarks and even on notebooks. DO NOT SLEEP ON THESE GREAT FINDS FROM LORETTA BELLE ART. The prices are cheap and the quality is very good.

What are some of your tricks for livening up your living space on a budget?

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