Let’s Get Crafty

Let’s Get Crafty with the We Craft Box

Let's Get Crafty with the We Craft Box

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Several nights a week my husband works overtime on night shift which leads this mama bear to get all of the kids fed, bathed, and entertained until bedtime. Mom guilt sets in and while it is so EASY to grab the tablet or turn on a movie, I usually like filling this time with books that I can easily tie a craft in with or with other independent activities that get my kid’s brains running but their bodies in one place. Feed thir brains and moms sanity all in one. An occupied child means I can get the house picked up so when everyone is fast asleep in bed, I can sit back and RELAX. I know, that sounds horrible but I enjoy a few hours of solitude after the kids have gone to bed to catch up on my TV shows or even read a book. We Craft Box has made my last minute evening task, rainy day activity, and even a moment of silence possible.

We Craft Box - everything you need for crafts in one box

We Craft Box is a box complete with a theme, a story, the materials needed to complete the activities within the box and conveniently mailed straight to your doorstep. That’s right, No leaving the house for an easy afternoon of fun!

What makes We Craft Box even better is that although this craft box is marketed for 1 child, it has enough items within the box to easily separate between 2-3 children OR to repeat the same activity more than once. I have 4 children but was easily able to distribute the materials between the 3 that are old enough to complete the activities within the boxes we were given. I have tried 2 separate boxes and while one is not imaged here, it definitely had plenty of supplies for all 3 of my older kids and a little bit extra to put away for a rainy day. If you have 1 child though, I would save the box with all the extra supplies and put it up for another day down the road. Kids are so versatile when it comes to creativity that reintroducing a theme or story isn’t boring. Children always come up with a new idea and you can never go wrong with encouraging creativity. My favorite part of the We Craft Box is that it supplies the structure for an actual activity but leaves enough flexibility that the end results are entirely up to your child’s imagination.

We Craft Box has plenty of Craft Supplies

If you are anything like me, you see a price tag of something and quickly turn away. Let me reassure you that with We Craft Box you definitely get your money’s worth. They send high-quality materials and as I stated before, it is so easy to put the extra supplies away to bring out in a few weeks or months away when you need a last minute activity to occupy your child. (Perfect for rainy days or even sick days when you’re confined to the home yet hearing the endless “I’m bored” mantra.) The We Craft Box sets are so versatile that you can even pick up the same supplies from your local craft store, or even craft section at Target or Walmart, and reuse the theme/setting time and time again.

We Craft Box

I really like the fact that each We Craft Box comes with an actual story so that the “Scene” you are setting up has an actual purpose. With my toddlers, I love to read them stories and focus on the W Questions. Who, What, When, Where, and Why. We also shift focus on emotions or what the characters may be thinking so the added story really ties in with We Craft Box being more than just a box of crafts. There is an actual purpose within the activity itself in more ways than 1. Asking questions and getting your child to really think about the story as well as how it plays out in their imagination is great for both creativity as well as communication skills. Even describing the colors or what steps we are taking to complete a task is great for communication and critical thinking skills. Just in case you needed an extra boost of reasoning.

We Craft Box Imagination runs wild

With the Holiday’s or Birthdays approaching and the ideas of gifts to give flowing, why not consider sending the child on your list the We Craft Box?  Check out this awesome short clip below from We Craft Box so you can see that I am not making up any portion of how great this subscription craft box is.

If you want your Holiday We Craft Box delivered by Christmas 2018, click the link below and  submit your order by December 14, 2018 to guarantee delivery!

Holiday We Craft Box

Huge shout out to We Craft Box for not only supplying a craft box for my little ones but two, to make sure we got the full experience. We LOVED the We Craft Boxes and cannot wait to place our own order! I was thoroughly impressed with the quality as well as the structure to get creative juices flowing without giving all of the directions, Perfect for critical thinking skills for those who need a little extra “shove” in that direction. Thank you for the opportunity! 

What are your favorite crafts to keep your little one’s imagination growing?

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