Keeping Your Backyard Mosquito-Free This Summer

Keeping Your Backyard Mosquito-Free This Summer

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In the summer, our deck becomes a central gathering place for our entire family. My husband and I will enjoy a cup of coffee together outside before we begin our day. My son loves playing outdoors and would spend all day out there if he could. Our deck is also a place for shared meals and entertaining our friends and family.

My only complaint about spending time so much time outside is dealing with pesky bugs. Constant bites from mosquitoes can instantly ruin the mood of a lively barbeque. Thankfully, Thermacell offers an effective and stylish solution!

Keeping Your Backyard Mosquito-Free This Summer

Our table is set for company and I’m so thankful we will be able to comfortably enjoy our meal!

Thermacell’s Lexington Torch functions as a portable tabletop lantern or can be assembled into a 5 ft. standing torch. The 2 in 1 option is a great value! I really like that the lantern gives off a candle-like flicker that adds a nice touch of ambiance. The Lexington Torch is the perfect size for my deck; it provides a 15’x15’ space of protection from mosquitoes, no-see-ums, and black flies. This also guards me from pesky, biting insects when I’m gardening!

Keeping Your Backyard Mosquito-Free This Summer

Stylish and pretty!

I was curious to know what made this product so effective yet safe. It works with one butane cartridge, when heated, releases a synthetic copy of a natural repellent found in the Chrysanthemum flower. Evaluated by the Environmental Protection Agency, this repellent was found to be 8 times more efficient than citronella! I also found it interesting to know that Thermacell products are trusted and used by the U.S. Army in Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Keeping Your Backyard Mosquito-Free This Summer

It blends beautifully with my outdoor décor!

When we invited our friends over for a glass of wine and good conversation, the torch provided all of us with a comfortable, bug-free setting that spanned the entire length of our deck. I loved not having to use stinky citronella candles or strong smelling bug sprays to keep the area free of mosquitoes. The Lexington Torch is cordless, portable, and easy to store when you’re not using it. I plan to pack it on our next camping trip; it easily fits into a backpack. My dad also mentioned that he planned on buying one to keep in the boat while fishing; perfect for keeping him bite-free while out on the water.

This summer, if you’re looking for a safe and effective defense from mosquitoes, I’d highly suggest checking out Thermacell Repellent products!

The Thermacell Lexington Torch can be purchased at Amazon.                                    

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