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Every so often people will try new skincare products in hopes of switching up their current routine. Or they’re looking to replace a product that’s no longer working out for them. I recently had the opportunity to test out three new products from Ceramedx: Extra Gentle Cleanser, Restoring Body Lotion, and Ultra Moisturizing Cream.

Ceramedx Extra Gentle Cleanser

The Extra Gentle Cleanser ($9.99) has Riceramide®-3 plant-based ceramide technology. It will cleanse the skin while preserving its protective barrier.

My skin is pretty sensitive and almost always gets red after using a cleanser. When I used the extra gentle cleanser, that didn’t happen. There’s no scent, it’s not a super thick consistency, and it feels nice on the skin. The only downside–the cleanser is meant for dry skin. During the winter months my skin is dry, but come summer, I’m pretty oily.

Extra Gentle Cleanser front of packaging

Extra Gentle Cleanser directions and info

Ceramedx Ultra Moisturizing Cream

One thing I have noticed over the years is that my skin seems to react better to creams than lotions. I can’t exactly say why.

The ultra moisturizing cream ($17.99) seals in moisture to soothe and protect very dry and sensitive skin. It’s a non-greasy, ultra-hydrating, and long-lasting formula. The Riceramide®-3 Complex supports skin renewal, it’s also a pH balanced, steroid-free formula, and dermatologist recommended. Since my skin is dry during the winter, this cream is working out great for my skin.

Ultra Moisturizing Cream front of packaging

Ultra Moisturizing Cream directions and info

Ultra Moisturizing Cream opened

Ultra Moisturizing Cream

Ultra Moisturizing Cream product on hand

Ceramedx Restoring Body Lotion

Many people forget to use body lotion. You work hard to make sure your skin looks great, and you even spend a good amount of money for hand creams. So why not do the same for your body?

The restoring body lotion ($14.99) will keep the skin soft and comfortably moisturized. It’s recommended to apply twice a day to help keep your body soft and hydrated. It’s one of my favorite body lotions since my years of using Bath & Body Works products.

Restoring Body Lotion front of packaging

Restoring Body Lotion directions and info

Restoring Body Lotion cap

Restoring Body Lotion product

Overall Thoughts on Ceramedx

I think this is a great brand that has done wonders for my skin. The only thing that I’m not thrilled about is that it won’t really work when my skin becomes oily during the summer. However, I’m really enjoying everything now. I highly recommend Ceramedx and these products if you have dry, sensitive skin.

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