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As the parent of 3 children 5 and under I’m always looking for new and exciting toys to keep their attention. Playgro toys (ranging from birth and up) are great for your growing child. Read on to find out about two Playgro products that I recently brought home for my kids to enjoy.

Playgro Ball Activity Nest

The Ball Activity Nest by Playgro is a very cute enclosed ball pit for your growing baby! It transforms through four different stages from basic play mat to mini ball pit for your growing baby ages 0+.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the packaging was the beautiful, bright colors of the product. The colors were bold with plenty of contrast and be sure to catch any baby’s attention.  The jungle animal pattern is visually pleasing — just plain adorable!

Playgro Ball Activity Nest

The fabric of ball pit was very soft and plush. It’s very easy to wipe off pesky bottle leaks or spit-up puddles. The toys that came with it also are very easily cleaned. Included you will find 32 plastic balls and four detachable toys (easily clipped to a car seat or stroller).

Playgro Ball Activity Nest

As soon as I opened the box and started putting it together my son (who is 16-months-old) was immediately interested in the activity nest and couldn’t wait to climb in. He started smiling with delight as he stood looking at all the toys dangling from overhead.

Playgro Ball Activity Nest

His favorite toy is the lion which he was able to detach and snuggle with.  He also enjoyed playing with all the balls and giggled as he tossed them at his sisters. I think this is a really great product; very durable and a great as-you-grow item for your baby.


The Playgro Step by Step Music and Lights Puppy Walker was an instant hit as soon as my son saw the front of the box.  This adorable little walker is for ages 1+. It’s extremely easy to put together; just snap the two base wheeled pieces to the main puppy section and you’re done! The walker uses 3 AA batteries (not included).

Playgro Step by Step Music and Lights Puppy Walker

The colors are very bright in order to draw your little one’s attention. This walker has two functions – one to sit and play and then another to walk and push. The handle features grips and is very easy for your new walker to pull up and hold on to.

Playgro Step by Step Music and Lights Puppy Walker

There is also a knob atop one of the front wheels that can be turned to increase or decrease the speed ability of this toy. This function allows parents to control how fast the toy can move — slower for newer, less stable walkers and faster for more experienced independent tots.


My son’s favorite part of the Step By Step Music and Lights Puppy Walker is the ball twirl! It comes with four brightly colored balls that you feed the puppy and then watch as they swivel down the chute to puppy’s tummy, along with the accompanying flashing lights, music and sounds.

He had so much fun “feeding” his puppy and listening to the music playing! Even his sisters who are ages 3 and 5 had a fun time sending the balls swirling around. This is a really great way to enhance your child’s motor skills. You know they are learning but they think they are just having fun! I say this is a must-have for little pre-walkers.

Playgro Step by Step Music and Lights Puppy Walker

Do these products catch your eye? Want to know more about them? I invite you to jump on over to Playgro’s website to learn more or visit them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Playgro products can be found at Walmart and Target stores as well as on Amazon.



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