Include Yoga in Your Fitness Goals for the New Year

Include Yoga in Your Fitness Goals for the New Year

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November is here and soon we’ll be treating ourselves to food and snacks for Thanksgiving. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself enjoying Christmas Dinner and all of those lovely homemade candies and snacks. At the end of the year, we find ourselves bloated and maybe even a few pounds heavier. We all make goals for the New Year and then never follow through (or maybe that’s just me?). This year, I have been proactive and started my New Year’s Fitness Resolutions early with an easy to master work out: Yoga!

Back before my daughter was born, when I was quite a few years younger and SEVERAL pounds lighter, I practiced yoga daily. I had a mat at home and an app that I followed and I can honestly say that I was healthier. I often practiced meditation for at least 15 minutes prior to starting my day and everything just seemed to flow. Now, I have a feisty four year old and no time to even shower without an audience, let alone find a quiet spot to reflect.

Clever Yoga has a Full, Affordable 7-Piece Kit

yoga seven piece set

I am obviously not a master and I couldn’t possibly teach a class. It’s been so long since I practiced that I had no idea where to start. I wanted a mat that would withstand my inquisitive child who would inevitably come across the set and want to give it a try. I also wanted a set that was geared towards beginners and would make the transition as easy as possible. The Clever Yoga 7-Piece Kit has done just that.

  • 1 yoga mat: non slip and extra thick (6mm) for comfort
  • 1 yoga mat towel
  • 2 yoga blocks
  • 1 yoga strap
  • hand towel
  • free carrying case

(colors include: blue, purple, and green)

Beginners Benefit from this 7-Piece yoga Kit

What I love about this entire kit is that it is geared towards beginners and busy moms. From the lightweight but durable carrying case that can be tossed in the car to the high quality of the blocks and the strap, ease of use is apparent. The yoga blocks are excellent for getting into positions without injuring yourself; especially if you are someone who is not naturally flexible. By using the blocks, you are able to master basic yoga positions without pulling a muscle in your back. The yoga strap is best used for hard to reach positions as it aids in flexibility without injury. The microfiber yoga towels are soft and high quality which will last through multiple work outs and washes.

yoga blocks

Take your Clever Yoga Kit to a Yoga Class or Download your Favorite App

I am very fortunate to have several yoga studios in my area that have multiple classes that are geared towards beginners. My favorite being Yoga Loft’s Aromatherapy Class (if you’re ever in Statesville NC) which implements essential oils and relaxing candles. I also recommend Mommy and Me classes for busy moms or moms that have little ones but no babysitter. If you do not have a yoga studio in your area, try a free app! My favorite to use when I am home alone is Yoga Studio: Mind and Body it has excellent instructional videos and flows just like an in-person class.


What are other items on your New Year’s Resolution List? Head over and check out other fitness options for your resolution list!

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