If I Had 3 Wishes For My Blog

If I Had 3 Wishes For My Blog

When I started my blog, I had no idea it would take over my life. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. I consider my blog a full time job. As a blogger, I am always thinking of ways to improve my blog, writing, and photos. Everything that I do for my blog was gained by experimenting and reading what others do and implementing them.

When I switched to wordpress, it was a lot more learning on my own. It was rocky and scary at first. Looking back, I learned so much on my own. Knowing what I know now, I wish I had switched to a self-hosted blog much earlier! I love having complete ownership of my work.

Do you have a hobby or side project that you are working on? Do you ever set goals for yourself to improve?

Here are my 3 Wishes For My Blog:

1. Reach new and loyal readers
My blog would not exist without my current readers and subscribers! I love reading your comments! I will continue blogging and sharing my posts. I am using my social media in hopes of reaching many more people.

2. Develop new partnerships and projects
My hope is to develop new partnerships with companies. I already started a new project with my Sweepstakes page. I started the page because I love winning and I truly hope others will win too! I am always looking to try new things, so I hope to start many more projects with my blog.

3. Attend a blog conference
I hope to attend a blog conference this year. I need to make the time for a blog conference. It would be nice to network with fellow bloggers and connect with companies!

Do you ever think about your 3 wishes? I know I did when I was younger, especially after watching Aladdin.

What would your 3 wishes be? Let me know in comments!

I truly believe our world is be a better place when people are willing to share and help each other grow. Why keep secrets? Let’s help each other improve.

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Stephanie is a full time single mom to a teen with Autism. She is a homeowner and starting a new chapter! Feel free to contact Stephanie for more information on how she can help your company.

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