How To Prepare For A New Pet Part 2: Keeping The Home And Pet Clean

As a new pet parent, I am still getting used to having another family member in our home. This is my first time being a pet parent on my own too. Since I was not prepared, I wanted to share a simple guide for other new pet parents! We are excited to share our guide on how to prepare for a new pet part 2 with keeping the home and pet clean! You can find part 1 of our guide, which includes a cool collar and dog tag! 

How To Prepare For A New Pet Part 2: Keeping The Home And Pet Clean
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Being a pet parent includes finding a new routine, learning about each other, and keeping the home clean! I am also trying to keep our home from smelling like a dog! I do my best to vacuum every other day and even clean our carpet with a carpet shampooer

Keep stains and odors away

When it comes to pets, accidents can happen. We had a few accidents her first few days in her new home

Oakwood Urine Stain & Odor Remover

The Oakwood Urine Stain & Odor Remover is great to have on-hand. This is perfect for those pet accidents! I don’t like to touch pet messes, so I use this product a bit differently. 

Since I have a carpet shampooer, I “pretreat†the area with the Oakwood Urine Stain & Odor Remover and then use the carpet shampooer for a deep clean! Not only do I get the stain and odor out, I get an effective clean with my carpet cleaner.

Oakwood Pet Odor Eliminator & Cologne

There are times when I walk through our home and I can smell dog! The Pet Odor Eliminator & Cologne comes in handy for a quick way to freshen up. 

The Pet Odor Eliminator & Cologne is safe to use on most surfaces, which is perfect. I can use it on the carpet, furniture, bedding, and more. If I don’t have time to deep clean our carpet, I can quickly freshen up around the home. This is perfect if you have someone coming over and you don’t want your house to smell like dog! 

Shampoo and conditioner

I am also taking the time to keep Freya’s coat clean! I gave Freya a bath for the first time a few weeks ago. It went pleasantly well! She was so calm, quiet, and relaxed. She actually seemed a little nervous but loved the attention. 

Oakwood Shampoos and Conditioner

For her first bath, I used the Puppy & Kitten Shampoo! I wanted to use something gentle and this worked perfectly. I then followed up with Coat Conditioner with Aloe Vera. She will also need a conditioner since she has a long coat! She was smelling clean for days! She even left a nice scent around the house! 

My plan is to give her a bath once a week. The weekends work best for us since I don’t have to worry about following a schedule for school, zoom for meetings, deadlines, and more! Plus, I can quickly take her outside right after her bath. 

I’ve been noticing she is scratching and seems itchy, so I can easily use the Pet Shampoo with Tea Tree Oil! That would help soothe and calm any irritations! 

The Pet Shampoo with Oatmeal and Aloe Vera will be perfect when I want to pamper her coat! She is such a spoiled girl, I have no problems giving her extra attention and love with a gentle clean for her coat. 

Groom their coat

Since Freya is a long coat Chihuahua, I knew I would need a brush for her. I found the Pin & Bristle Brush and it is perfect! 

Oakwood Pin & Bristle Brush

I use the Pin & Bristle Brush when needed and especially after her baths! I use a very gentle touch when brushing her coat. She is so little and I don’t want to use too much pressure. She seems to love the attention and the brushing! I hope that it feels like a gentle massage on her coat. 

Keep germs away

Since welcoming a new pet into our home, we’ve learned each other’s habits. Freya doesn’t really give me a sign that she needs to go outside. She does however, perk up every time I move or get up! If it’s been a few hours, I use that as a sign to take her outside. 

Kooty Key Purple in palm of hand

I do like to take her on small walks throughout the day. Since we live in a gated community, there are doors for pedestrians to use to enter and exit. That’s where the Kooty Key comes in handy! 

Kooty Key Green in use

I use the Kooty Key to open doors! I also take the Kooty Key everywhere. When we are at the grocery store, I keep it clipped at my waist when I use the credit card swiper. I can easily press any buttons or touch screen when needed. 

I keep the Kooty Key in my purse just in case I forget it. But it is a part of our routine before leaving the house.

I like that I can clip it on my clothing, handbag, purse, and tote bag. I can also attach it to my keyring if needed. 

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  1. Sarah says

    I have never heard of Oakwood’s Pet Shampoo with Oatmeal and Aloe Vera before, but it sounds like such a great product that I’ll for sure be purchasing! Do you have any recommendations for good vacuum cleaners to get with pets? My dog sheds like crazy and we have a carpet cleaner come by every few months to get rid of all the hair and stains, so I really need a better vacuum!!

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