How To Get Your Children Interested In Gardening

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I have been gardening all my life. I can remember being as young as 6 years old in the gardens with my parents and grandmother. So many great memories made and the gushing feeling of accomplishment when something I planted actually grew. Now that I am a mother with 3 kids of my own, the idea of instilling how important gardening can be is a big part of how I raise my kids. The great part, so many parents feel the same way. So here are some tips and tricks to help your kids become interested in gardening.

Teach Them Young

Educating your kids at a young age will teach them the importance of gardening. Since children naturally love to play with dirt, this is a great way to make it a productive activity instead of making your kids feel like they are making a mess.

This is a great opportunity to teach them about how plants grow, the importance of sunlight and a watering schedule. It will make them feel they are part of something important when they are creating new life and even food to eat. If your a parent struggling to get your kids to eat their veggies, there is no better time than to start a vegetable garden. Kids are more likely to eat their greens, knowing that they grew them all by themselves.

Take Your Kids Shopping

Kids love to shop! What better way to get them involved in gardening than to take them to your local nursery or greenhouse. Have them pick out seeds, baby fruit & veggie plants or even flowers. They will love being apart of the entire process and being able to have a say as to what goes in the garden. Most nursery’s or big box stores sell adorable kid sized garden supplies and even fairy gardens.

Children will love the idea of having their own set of tools to get the job done! It will give them a such a sense of responsibility when they have their own gloves, trowel or rake that is perfect size for their little hands.

Creating ‘fairy gardens‘ will be a great way for your kids to decorate the garden they created; it will also keep them curious to always check on their work daily. You can find kits such as My Fairy Garden just about anywhere; from Amazon, Target & Walmart, it is a great starter fairy garden for your kids. You can always add more sets to create a whole fairy garden village!

The set up was fairly easy, but be warned, some of the pieces are tiny and can easily get lost in the grass. Make sure you set them aside after all the planting is done! The kit does come with dirt and an assortment of seeds. We right away planted some marigold babies we had growing and put the rest of the seedlings My Fairy Garden came with all around them.

It’s an adorable kit, with so much attention to detail. From the two gardens, rain water barrel, tea set, cute frogs on lily pads and even a wind spinner on the side of the house. This would make a great gift for any little one who is interested in gardening!

Create and Build

What child doesn’t like to create and build! Take on an outdoor building project like building a raised garden bed! With simple tools and 2x4s that you can purchase from your local hardware store, you can create a large garden bed to grow the seeds or plants you just purchased. Want to make it extra fun? You can even take it a step further and paint the outside of the raised garden bed for a creative twist.

Dont have the space for an outdoor garden? How about an indoor garden? You can purchase inexpensive pots from your local dollar store to decorate with your children and place them in front of a brightly lit window or go vertical by mounting them on the walls. Tight budget? You can also use empty containers from around your home to up-cycle. Mason jars, plastic tubs and even egg cartons make greats ‘pots’ for seedlings.

Let Your Kids Be Apart of Harvest Time

What is better than finally being able to collect the fruits from your labor? Don’t let your garden be off limits, allow your children to gather fruits, veggies and flowers as they grow. Let them try the fresh strawberries, or nibble at a sweet pepper that was freshly picked.

Keeping your garden accessible to your children is a great way to implement routine. Create a schedule of when its time to head outside together to water plants, pick flowers and harvest goods. This will help them feel valuable and proud when they are able to see what they helped create.

Make sure you involve your kids in the entire process from start to finish. Allow them to help from the layout of your garden, planting, decorating and harvesting. Take that big step back and allow your children to take charge, get their little hands dirty, and learn from their mistakes. At the end of the day, they will learn the most valuable lesson that creating with their hands can not only grow beauty, but bring food to the table.

What are some of your favorite gardening activities to do with your kids?

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