How to Create a Hippie Hairstyle

How to Create a Hippie Hairstyle

Halloween is a holiday that I very much enjoy. It’s a day that I can transform into another person. Over the years, I have noticed that the American culture has made it so that adults and children can dress up as anything they want to be — a day where you can be a banker, lawyer, or even a hippie. Here is a how to create a hippie hairstyle this Halloween.

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The first thing and most important thing that needs to be done for any costume is the hair. My hair is naturally pretty long and thick, so it is always hot. To transform me into a hippie, I am going to need two major things. One is a small flat iron teaser and then a little color to make it pop even more. I start off by washing and conditioning my hair so I have a clean base to work with. Then I add a little TIGI Bed Head Flat Iron & Blow Dry Lotion and work it through the length of my hair. This will help when I flat iron tease it to create the desired effect.


The next step is to separate the hair into quarters; this makes the hair manageable while flat ironing. Here is where you start teasing the hair in sections. When teasing your hair, the flat iron will crimp the hair in different sections.

You can crimp as much or as little as you would like.  I only did the lower half of my hair and my bangs to create this effect. Once you get all your hair crimped and teased all you have to do is spray some hairspray over it and let it dry.


To make the effect even better I added Salon Grafix® Copper High Beam Intense Color. The spray color is a high beam intense temporary color collection from Salon Grafix®. They have some serious temporary colors like Aqua, Blue, Green, Red, Pink, Purple and more. For my hippie hair, I chose the copper color, and it is crazy how it covers my dark hair. For the final effect, I added a fabric headband and it tied the whole look together.

Choosing hippie-inspired clothing to go with my new hairstyle was a lot of fun, too. For the hippie outfit, I chose a peasant top and a pair of bell bottom jeans. Add the finishing touch with makeup — just get some bright colors for your eyes and a pretty pink shade for your lips.

And, voila! The hippie look is complete! Enjoy!


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