How I’m Saving Money On Paper Towels

How I'm Saving Money On Paper Towels - Innovia Paper Towel Dispenser
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Look, I’ve got kids. I’ve got pets. I like clean surfaces, mirrors, and windows. I cook meals most evenings of the week. I’m kinda clumsy. Know what that means? It means that I use paper towels. Lots and lots of paper towels. So many paper towels that I buy the big bales of them at Sam’s Club, the huge one that has, like, 15 or 18 rolls in the package.

Up until now, I have had a rotating wood paper towel holder on my countertop. I like it because it’s multi-functional. Aside from a section for paper towels, it also includes a section that holds my large wooden kitchen spoon collection, and another that has two little shelves for things like spices. It also has some rails around the top so that I can set things up there (I have some salt and pepper shakers, a toothpick dispenser, and a glass container of matcha powder up there).

It’s very convenient that I can pull some paper towels off of it very quickly, but I often find myself tearing off more than I really need because I’m in a hurry and don’t want to take the time to only take the one or two paper towels that I need and wind the rest back up out of the way.

Kitchen with white beadboard cabinets, dark countertops, and stainless steel appliances
My beautiful kitchen

I have found a new paper towel dispenser that I can not wait to share with readers, because it has so many great features BUT, more importantly, it’s helping me to use fewer paper towels. 

Kitchen with white beadboard cabinets, dark countertops, and stainless steel appliances
You can see my old wood paper towel dispenser in the center of this picture.

I know, you’re dying to know what the heck I’m talking about. Let me clue you in. I’m talking about the Innovia Paper Towel Dispenser. It comes in great colors – beautiful black, classic white, shiny silver, and a vibrant red. I have all stainless steel kitchen appliances, dark counter tops, and white beadboard cabinets. So, I chose the silver paper towel dispenser.

How I’m Saving Money On Paper Towels - Innovia Paper Towel Dispenser

No matter how you prefer to store paper towels, they have a dispenser for you. I personally like the look and function of under-cabinet kitchen products — but I don’t have any in my home.

Simply put, it’s because I’m afraid that I will use them for awhile and then find something I like better and don’t want to deal with removing the mounting hardware and filling holes drilled in the underside of the cabinets. (You can see both the under-cabinet and countertop versions of paper towel dispensers on the Innovia website.)

For this reason, I chose the countertop version for my home. First of all, you have the choice to plug it into an outlet to power it, or you can open the bottom of the dispenser and insert four (4) size D cell batteries. This is important because it means that you can truly use this dispenser anywhere you need it.

Whoever developed the design deserves major kudos because my favorite design element is a very strong and sturdy handle that is mounted on top of the unit. You don’t have to pick the unit up and hug it to your chest to transport it. Instead, just loop your hand through the top handle and carry it at your side, or carry some other important items in your arms while dangling the dispenser from your hand. The handle lays totally flat on top of the dispenser while not in use, which lends a sleek beauty to the simple design.

Also, it’s ready to use straight out of the box. There is zero assembly required. You just open the box, remove the unit, set it up where you want to use it, and toss the exterior box on the floor for the cat to play with so he can stop stalking you. Done. You are happy. The cat is happy. Perfect!

How I’m Saving Money On Paper Towels - Innovia Paper Towel Dispenser
My baby, Cheeto, waiting (sort of patiently, for a change) for me to give him the empty box.

So, these are the exterior reasons I love this paper towel dispenser. And, as important as they are, what is even more mind-blowing is what is on the inside.

What’s inside? Nothing. No bars to pull out and insert the paper towel roll on, nothing at all to do to secure the roll inside the unit. You open the unit, throw the paper towel roll inside, just make sure the end of the paper towels are peeking outside the unit, and close the door. That’s it.

How I’m Saving Money On Paper Towels - Innovia Paper Towel Dispenser

The unit will automatically pull the paper towels back into the unit, but with the end of the paper towels caught between some rollers that are used to dispense them when you wave your hand over the hands-free sensor. 

Yeah! You wave your hand in front of a sensor to dispense paper towels. No need to grab and pull anything or push a button or lever. After initially inserting a roll, activate the sensor and it will dispense some paper towels. Then you pull off the amount you want and the unit (after a couple of seconds) will automatically roll the remaining ones back inside the unit, out of sight.

Depending on how many you take, the unit will automatically “learn†how many you want and dispense accordingly in the future for that roll. You will need to do this again when you put a new roll in, but it takes just a few seconds. 

If you want more towels than you have set it up to dispense, just hold your hand in front of the sensor rather than waving over it and it will dispense additional towels.

Your kitchen isn’t the only place that this automatic paper towel dispenser will come in handy.

You can set it up anywhere you might use paper towels:

In the kitchen

In the bathroom (if you have a decent sized amount of counter space)

In a craft room

In the laundry room

In the garage

While grilling or eating outdoors

Take it along with you:

On a picnic


To church, family, neighborhood cookouts

On road trips in your car

On school field trips (kids are gross, paper towels are always needed, LOL)

In a classroom (if you’re a teacher)

Anywhere you might use paper towels for any reason, the Innovia Paper Towel Dispenser (counter top version) will go easily.

Like any good household appliance, the up front cost is defrayed through the convenience and cost-saving it provides. My old paper towel dispenser seemed like it needed to have the roll replaced too often. I was lucky if a roll of paper towels lasted me 2-3 days. On average, while using the Innovia Paper Towel Dispenser I’ve noticed that a roll has lasted about a week. Twice as long!!! 

Every home would benefit from the savings of an appliance such as this. It is also affordable enough to make a great gift for family and friends for birthdays, holidays, house warming, teens heading off to college….

Loading a paper towel roll into the Innovia Counter Top Paper Towel Dispenser.

I’m always looking for ways to streamline my kitchen countertops and put appliances inside cabinets out of the way whenever possible. But, this is one that has earned a permanent spot right next to my stovetop. It gets used dozens of times every day. And my old wood paper towel dispenser will probably end up in the garage on the workbench, or on the desk in the mudroom — so it will still be useful.

Many thanks to whoever it was at Innovia who designed this appliance. It totally rocks!!!

Where would you most like to use the Innovia Paper Towel Dispenser?

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