How A Special Needs Parent Introduced CBD Oil To Her Son

As a special needs parent, I turned to CBD products. CBD is natural and it works better for our lifestyle. My son has Autism and non-verbal. You see, my son will not take pills. I won’t even try because he wouldn’t understand how to swallow them. Find out how a special needs parent introduced CBD Oil to her son! 

CBD Oil for Autism

How A Special Needs Parent Introduced CBD Oil To Her Son

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I first started using CBD oil a few years ago (before we moved to California). With my son having Autism, I am using to thinking of creative ways to introduce new products to him. Since I use natural beauty products with him, I  wanted to go natural to see if it would calm him down. He has so much energy and other issues that can be overwhelming! 

I turned to CBD oil because it comes in different forms, such as gummies and liquid drops. My son will not take traditional medicine, such as pills and liquid medicine. 

Utilizing CBD Oil for Autism

The first products I tried with him were gummies. I didn’t really notice a difference. We have since switched to liquid drops (tinctures). I had to slowly introduce these to him and now it is part of our routine. When I tell him it’s time for his “drops,” he knows exactly what I mean. I only administer a few drops at a time, so I do a few doses throughout the day. 

Medterra CBD Oil Tincture 1000mg

The Medterra CBD Oil Tincture is available in 3 strengths. While these are unflavored, my son didn’t seem to notice and I am able to give him a few drops throughout the day. He does calm down a bit and falls asleep easier at night since we’ve been using CBD. Even compared to the last few summers, he’d always stay up late every night. This summer, he’s been falling asleep on his own at a decent hour! 

Easy to use

What I love about using CBD Oil tinctures, they are easy to dispense! I can quickly give a few drops on my son’s tongue and he’s good to go. He’s always on the move and rarely sits still, so the drops work for us! 

Medterra samples

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  1. It must be so helpful that it helps him sleep

  2. Dana Rodriguez says

    Sounds like this is really helpful for your child. I have been curious about the benefits of this oil.

  3. Christina Gould says

    This is great for a child, like yours, who can’t swallow. Thanks for posting!

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