Honor Mom With A Handmade Bouquet

Honor Mom With A Handmade Bouquet

I love flowers, however, I haven’t figured out how to grow them in containers. We live in an apartment, so we don’t have our own yard to plant flowers. I’ve tried Marigolds and Pansies but they never lasted very long. I think I neglected them too long between waterings. I also love houseplants! I love having several different houseplants in our living space. They help brighten up any room.

I’ve tried a floral delivery service and the first time was such a disappointment. Fast forward several years later, I tried them again, and they messed up my order again! After that, I was very reluctant to try a floral delivery service again.

I’ve seen Teleflora all over including social media and their commercials. Last year, I even bought my mom a beautiful bouquet of Tulips from another delivery service and she loved it. I decided to start sending my mom flowers after we lost my brother.

While I love flowers, I am not the greatest with flower arrangements. They are so pretty but I prefer to send them to others if I can.

Did you know that Teleflora’s NEW Mother’s Day floral arrangements include a keepsake container?!


Here are the Teleflora’s 2017 Collection:

Teleflora Sparkle and Shine Bouquet

Teleflora’s Sparkle and Shine Bouquet (Available on Teleflora.com for $59.95)
Chic and modern, just like mom. This show-stopping bouquet is a perfect reflection of her effervescent beauty; inside and out. Gorgeous pink roses, fragrant white Asiatic lilies and lavender look oh-so-lovely in this one-of-a-kind purple metallic glazed vase with sparkling rhinestones that is sure to dazzle her.

Teleflora Bold Elegance Bouquet

Teleflora’s Bold Elegance Bouquet (Available on Teleflora.com for $94.95)
Bold and beautiful, just like mom. Pamper the ‘best mom in the world’ with this decadent bouquet brimming with hot pink roses, vibrant pink stargazer lilies, snapdragons, and lavender cushion spray chrysanthemums artistically-arranged in an elegant, fuchsia blown glass vase.

Teleflora’s Artisanal Beauty Bouquet

Teleflora’s Artisanal Beauty Bouquet (Available on Teleflora.com for $69.95)
Sweet and lovely, just like mom. Send her this pretty 2-in-1 gift that arrives as a fanciful mixed bouquet filled with crème roses, lavender alstroemeria, and chrysanthemums nestled within a hand-painted, floral embossed stoneware pitcher; FDA-approved to safely serve and store food, microwave and dishwasher-safe.


Teleflora’s Splendid Garden Bouquet

Teleflora’s Splendid Garden Bouquet (Available on Teleflora.com for $49.95)
Just like mom, this delightful garden-inspired Mother’s Day floral arrangement will deliver a heartfelt smile across the miles. As a long-lasting keepsake, mom will enjoy its sweet watering can that features a hand-painted, vintage botanical print.


Teleflora’s Dancing Violets Bouquet

Teleflora’s Dancing Violets Bouquet (Available on Teleflora.com for $39.95)
Just like mom, handmade bouquets light up a room… so make her heart dance with this fun and pleasing purple and white bouquet filled with lavender and white daisy spray chrysanthemums, purple carnations, and a medley of other floral accents. This beautiful floral arrangement is displayed within a purple glass cube vase with a pretty pressed violet design.

Which bouquet would you choose to send to your mom?

Every bouquet is just gorgeous! I had a hard time choosing which one to send to my mom. Ultimately, I chose the Teleflora’s Bold Elegance Bouquet! The variety of flowers, the colors and the vase really sealed the deal for me.

You can find Teleflora on their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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  1. I really love the Splendid Garden Bouqet. It’s so pretty and the vase looks like it could be used again for other fowers.

  2. Darcy Koch says

    Love it when I receive flowers. They mean so much to me.

  3. Kelly Kimmell says

    I think the Dancing Violets bouquet is pretty. I love to receive flowers!

  4. Darcy Koch says

    Any mother would love to receive a bouquet from Teleflora. They sure would brighten up any room.

  5. If I was picking for myself I love the artisanal beauty bouquet, but since this is about my mom the Dancing Violets is right up her alley.Growing up I remember she had african violets on the glass shelf in the kitchen window. This arrangement is simple, pretty and seems traditional like my mom.

  6. Such beautiful bouquets. I like the Splendid Garden bouquet for my grandma.

  7. These are so beautiful. This will be my first Mothers Day since my mom passed away. i miss her so… and she LOVED flowers. I tried to keep some in the living room for her to enjoy.

  8. Suzanne Leavitt says

    I love flowers. this sounds so neat.

  9. All so beautiful

  10. I love flowers. So many choices. It’s great.

  11. Teleflora has such beautiful flower bouquets. I like the Artisanal Beauty Bouquet.

  12. Christy Peeples DuBois says

    All of these are gorgeous and I can’t imagine a mom not excited to get one of these. And mom has a memorable vase to reuse for years.

  13. Teleflora has many great options for mothers day. Would love to buy any of these for my mom. Would love this.

  14. I once bought my mom roses from Teleflora and she loved them!

  15. Teleflora is the only florist I use.

  16. Betsy Barnes says

    All of these are so pretty! Teleflora has a great variety!

  17. I have used Telaflora before.Very nice.

  18. Such beautiful arrangements from teleflora all these years

  19. Jennifer Smith says

    Bold Elegance bouquet screams me.. I cannot grow flowers correctly so teleflora and I have been buddies for years

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