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When it comes to skincare tools, many people often wonder if they’re worth purchasing. Not because they’re expensive, but it’s whether or not they work. We’re all a little tighter with our money, and the products we’re buying must be worth it. I’ve never been one for using body brushes, so of course, I had to test out some of the brushes from Rengora to see if the hype is real.

Rengora Body Brushes

I received three different body brushes to review: the long handle dry body brush, the short handle body brush, and the extra-long bath brush.

The Dry Body Brush ($14.97) was made with quality materials and a wooden handle with all-natural boar bristles and a perfectly-sized brush head to clean the body. As a bonus, it increases blood circulation, fights inflammation, and reduces body acne. This dry body brush also helps:

  • Remove impurities and exfoliate dead skin cells to allow your body to detox
  • Allow for deeper penetration of moisturizers, oils, and lotions after your shower

I received the short and long handle brush, so this is a matter of preference. The short handle is excellent for your children and the long handle for adults. 

Rengora Short Handle Body Brush
Rengora Short Handle Body Brush (side view)

The Extra Long Bath Body Brush ($18.97) has ¾-inch long boar bristles that are softer, which means they’re perfect for people who want a firm, yet gentle cleanse in the shower. The all-natural bristles will exfoliate the skin, leaving it looking and feeling incredibly soft and smooth. 

front of brush head on the extra long brush
back of brush head on the extra long brush
Brush handle on the Rengora entra long brush

Overall Thoughts

I’ll be the first to admit that I never thought I’d like body brushes. I’ve read about the benefits of using a dry brush on your skin, but never felt the need to try it. I figured it was just a gimmick or wasn’t something that would work for me. I’ll also be the first to admit that I was wrong. My skin is sensitive, so it took a few uses before getting used to the brushes. But, let me tell you, my skin looks and feels great! 

Take a look at the different body brushes available and see which one’s best for you. I’ve noticed an improvement in how my skin looks and feels, and I haven’t changed the skin or body care products either.

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