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Gift giving is beautiful but also can be stressful.  Would you be interested in a gift that you can give to someone PLUS help others as well?  I know I am and so let me introduce you to Packed with Purpose.
box with goodies

Packed with Purpose

We all love getting food packages with new ideas on what to eat or snack on! Packed with Purpose takes their gift giving to a new level.  We get snacks to try, but each gift box contains handcrafted products curated from non-profits and social enterprises that employ people with disabilities & other barriers to the traditional workforce. Amazing, RIGHT? To be honest, I would always pick a gift like this than traditional treats I can get at Target any day.  
So if you are looking for a unique way to give back but also give a gift to your favorite cousin or anyone who loves snacks then Packed with Purpose is the way to go! We got a box filled with goodies, cookies, brownie, granola, and also energy snacks. The Cooper Street Cookies were my favorite- dipped into my coffee.  

Here are some companies that provide the products for the Packed with a Purpose gift box:

  • Aspire CoffeeWorks: Employs adults with disabilities plus offer programs and services to the community.
  • Bright Endeavors: Provides job training and professional development to young moms. They make handcrafted candles.
  • Sweet Beginnings: Provides employment and job training for formerly incarcerated through the art of honey production.
  • Woodchuck: Creates eco-friendly wood products that use the “buy one plant one” plan.
  • Big Picture: Provides goat milk caramels on an Animal Welfare Approved Farm.
  • Detroit Food Academy: Inspires youth through their food programs.
  • Tea Squares: (below) Fuels economic growth in urban communities an fosters employment for Chicago youth through food production.
Tea Infused Energy Snacks

 Below is an example of offerings you’ll find in one of their most popular boxes:

·       Greyston Bakery‘s chocolate fudge brownie and brown sugar blondie. Greyston’s Bakery offers employment to those with histories of incarceration, homelessness or drug use and provides housing, health services, childcare, workforce development training and more for bakery workers.
·       Katherine Anne – rosemary + sea salt caramels. Committed to using ingredients from local farmers and fair trade cacao, Katherine Anne Confections creates decadent treats in recyclable and compostable packaging 
·       Lambs Farm‘s buttery english toffees and chocolate covered pretzels. With more than 56 years of service to people with developmental disabilities, Lambs Farm has grown from a small pet shop in Chicago to a 72-acre campus where opportunity flourishes for nearly 250 men and women.
·       Together We Bake‘s cinnamon-pecan granola. Together We Bake provides second chances to women with histories of trauma, abuse, or addiction
·       Women’s Bean Project‘s chocolate covered espresso beans. Women’s Bean gives impoverished and chronically unemployed women the chance to gain vital workplace skills through the production of gourmet food and handmade jewelry. 
·       Cooper Street Cookies‘ cinnamon chocolate chip biscotti. Cooper Street Cookies Cooper Street Cookies partners with Jewish Vocational Services (JVS) to employ adults with special needs or disabilities.
·        The Floured Apron – half a dozen vanilla/chocolate harmony cookies. The Floured Apron provides women from underserved communities with an opportunity to forge a more secure career path within the culinary industry. 
Granola- Pecan and cinnamon
Another favorite item in our gift basket was the GRANOLA from Together We Bake.  It was so good, and my kids loved adding apples to it so they could have apple crisp one night.  Together You Bake is empowerment-based workforce training and personal development program for women in need of a second chance.  When I told the kids about where the granola came from, they told me…well they make the best GRANOLA ever.  So, I’m going to take it that they loved it.
Please check out Packed with Purpose for your gifts this year- better yet ..any time of the year. All products are crafted by purposeful purveyors- companies creating a positive impact on communities and people. This gift basket is created with a meaningful impact that helps communities with women empowerment, workforce development, wellness, environment, and youth development.

So yes give a gift that gives BACK!

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