Gift Ideas For The Creative Woman In Your Life!

It’s that time of the year to think about GIFTS!! I want to share with you some gifts that the creative woman in your life will absolutely LOVE!

Being a creative woman myself I absolutely LOVE each of these gifts so let me share with you what gift ideas I’m talking about it.

AFRO Glam Coffee Mug collection by Alicia Boateng Designs

Can I just drool a bit over this mug- OMG when I opened this package my jaw dropped and then excitement came over because I fell in love. Now I won’t be using this mug for coffee or tea (which of course it is made for that) but it is going on my desk so I can admire this beauty every day.

These mugs are part of a collection that was created to motivate and empower women of all colors, all over the world- YES! Please check out their Holiday Bundle– so worth it!


  • They offer beautifully handmade 16oz, bistro cups, the Classic 22oz. Acrylic Tumbler, the 12oz. Wine Tumbler and the 30oz. Stainless Steel Tumbler.
  • Their purpose is to make women feel beautiful, courageous, and confident while drinking out of our cups
  • The price range is $27-$55
  • BIPOC owned

Please check out Alicia Boateng Designs and let me know in thecomments what is your favorite item.


When we received our amazing box filled with everything we need to CREATE beautiful clay crafts we were so excited! So many options and ideas flowing through our minds. We plan to create holiday gifts for our family and friends.

STAEDTLER-Mars North America, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of creative products, recently launched an exciting new addition to the FIMO clay family in the USA called Leather-Effect, which can be used to produce crafts that look and feel similar to leather. Just think about the opportunities for creating different items. Earrings, bracelets, plant holders, keychains, oh my list can go on and on!

With 12 colors, FIMO Leather-Effect (Online and instore at Michaels) is available in block form retailing USD 3.49 per block but also in DIY sets that are perfect as a stocking stuffer or a fun activity to do on a weekend. The DIY sets can be used to create tassels to bookmarks and retail for USD 11.99 each.

Here is one project that my daughter and I are doing for holiday gifts- FIMO leather-effect key ring or bag pendant with tassel and beads.

WOOHAT– Get Ready For The Holiday Season!

Now you might not think this fits into the CREATIVE WOMAN section but yes it does. Creative women love all things that make them smile and I’m sorry when I opened this package OMG I smiled a lot.

I want winter to be here now (in some parts of the country it is but here in CALIFORNIA not yet)! I love to get set that have everything matching- hat, scarf, and gloves. I have never had gloves that are so cute but also fashionable.

This set comes in many colors- Black, Khaki, Purple, Red, and of course my favorite PINK! Please check out the READY FOR WINTER SET HERE and make sure the women in your life are WARM.

Alright, I gave you a few suggestions on gifts for the creative woman or buy them for yourself (I would). Please make sure to check out our Holiday Gift Guide too. Happy Holidays and even better HAPPY SHOPPING!


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