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We are all very conscious about what ingredients go into anything that goes in our body and onto our skin these days. After studies have found that our skin absorbs many of the toxins that are in the products that we use, I myself will do research on products before using them on my skin.

Bétèrre Skin + Care is a new Beauty line that was just launched in the United States that is a complete non-toxic skin care line made from ingredients straight from nature. Just by visiting the company’s website you can click on their garden tab, and see all of the freshly grown products that go into making this skin care line such as Tea Tree, Witch Hazel, Rosemary and much more! This line consists of a group of twelve different products for your skin and hair.

My favorite product from the three items that I tried is the Bétèrre Skin + Care Golden Elixir! This is such a versatile product and can literally be used from head to toe and on any skin type. I use this on my skin after I shower but before I dry off so that the moisture on my skin is locked in, on my feet at night before putting on socks, and on my hair dry or damp to keep it smooth and tamed.

Beterre Skin + Care The Golden Elixir

The Golden Elixir smells amazingly natural and I love that it comes in a convenient glass spray bottle! This makes it easy to lightly spray my skin and saves time on having to rub it in for a long period of time. It absorbs quickly and leaves behind a nice glow on your skin!

Bétèrre Skin + Care Balancing Face Serum is great for dry, oily or combination skin. In my case, I have oily skin and this has really worked well for me. A lot of times I find it hard to use a moisturizer because they tend to leave my face oily and it will continue to build grease throughout the day. With this product, I do not even have to use a moisturizer and my face stays supple for 24 hours.

Beterre Skin + Care Balancing Face Serum

Having the Bétèrre™ Skin + Care Refining Eye Serum has really helped me to target the dark circles that I have under my eyes. I love that it only takes one small drop to do the trick. I put one drop on my finger and I use that for both of my eyes morning and night! It really feels good as you pat it onto your delicate skin and it dries quickly, as well, so you can apply makeup right over it.

Beterre Skin + Care Refining Eye Serum

Bétèrre™ Skin + Care products have worked great for me and I can’t wait to continue to see the results of using it daily!

What’s your main skin concern? Which Bétèrre product would help you address it?


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