Functional Work Boots For Him

Functional Work Boots For Him
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My husband works various hours as a security guard. Each week, he also works 12 hour shifts, two days a week. Many times, he is called in to work extra shifts and he ends up working full time hours most weeks.

With his crazy work hours, he can be on his feet all day or walking during his shifts. He has a certain style of shoes he wears for work. He wears black “basketball sneakers/high top sneakers” to work.

Since he changed employers, he recently said he needed boots to wear. I knew right away Lugz boots would be perfect for him. He chose the Gravel Boots in black.

Lugz Gravel Boots side view

The Gravel Boots are perfect and functional for work and here’s why:


My husband needs to dress according to his work dress code but he also wants to be stylish. The Gravel Boots are just that! They are really nice! They are also very sturdy and heavy duty!

Slip Resistant

Slip resistant comes in handy when you work in smooth floors. I am clumsy, and found slip resistant comes in handy! It doesn’t help when the floors or ground is wet.

My husband works in a warehouse or office buildings and both have smooth floors or concrete floors.

Memory Foam Insoles

For ultimate cushion in his shoes, the Gravel boots have memory foam insoles. I have another brand of slip-on sneakers that have memory foam insoles and I love them! The insoles keep my feet feeling like I’m walking on air.


Since my husband works long hours and many weeks of overtime, we wanted comfortable boots. If your shoes aren’t comfortable, you may end up in pain!

Lugz Gravel Boots steps

I remember when I started working full time after a handful of years of being a stay at home mom. I worked in retail and if you’ve ever worked in retail, you know how the hours and shifts are.

No matter what, I would come home with aching feet, which would make my legs and back ache as well. I knew my pain was from getting back into working and being on my feet all day.

I ended up buying insoles for my shoes, which eventually helped alleviate the pain. Knowing what I know now, I would have opted for better shoes with memory foam insoles!

Comfortable and functional shoes really make a difference. It starts with the shoes you wear. If your feet are happy, your whole body will be happy!

What type of shoes do you wear for work?

You can find Lugz on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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  1. Fashionista says

    These look like a great boots! Thank you for your review! My boyfriend needs a new pair of boots for work.

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