Fun And Fabulous Skincare

Fun and Fabulous skincare

I had heard of Perfectly Posh and was even pitched by another representative a few years ago. Honestly, I knew nothing about the products; I just knew the company offered skincare and other beauty products. I heard all of the products were made with natural ingredients and many offered vegan options. I received products to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

After browsing the Perfectly Posh site, I was surprised to learn that their products are all under $25, natural, safe for the whole family and offered vegan products. I have tried many home businesses and I don’t recall ever finding a company that aligns with what I look for in skincare products.

I prefer to use natural bath and body products with my son because he does suffer from eczema. My husband and I have dry skin. We always apply lotion after showering. I use argan oil on my son’s skin after his bath.

I adore Perfectly Posh products for their unique product names. Looking at their packaging and overall look, I get the feeling they have a vintage look. I received three of their best selling products: A Peel to Me! Snarky Bar, The Healer Skin Stick and The Stripper Dtox Body Mud.

The Stripper Dtox Body Mud beautybrite

The first product I wanted to try was The Stripper Dtox Body Mud. I love using mud masks. I saw a few pictures online of people using the product, so I was curious and excited about trying it. The package says to leave it on for about 15 minutes, so I leave it on just under that. As soon as I applied it on my face, I noticed the slight cooling from the menthol. The Stripper is tough but gentle on my skin, it feels soothing. The mud is creamy and so easy to apply. Since the product is so tough, you are to use it once or twice a week. After removing the mud, my skin feels soft and smooth. It does not dry out my skin as I have gone without using moisturizer right after and my skin still feels soft.

The Snarky Bar is an oversized bar of soap! It is shea butter based with a natural loofah which helps exfoliate my skin. I enjoy using it. It’s a nice treat on my skin. I use the Snarky Bar in my son’s bath. We both love it because it smells delicious and his skin is so soft afterward. His skin gets a little exfoliation too.

The Healer Stick is an awesome product that I use on my son and myself. He has a few scars on his face, so I just lightly dab on his skin. It smells good and he doesn’t mind it. I also use it on my scars and skin discolorations. I have scars and discolorations on my face. I also have old scars from burns and scratches on my arm. I use The Healer Stick everywhere I can. It is gentle and easy to apply.

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  1. Shelley Bodolay says

    So glad others live these products as much as I do. The stripper has saved the life of my skin.

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