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I often wonder how long it takes people to use up their favorite colognes. Personally. I use up my perfume every couple of months and get on to a new scent. My tastes vary, much like the seasons do and I never really stay with one scent for too long.

My spouse on the other hand is on the complete opposite side of the spectrum and only has two scents they regularly use and never try anything new! They have the everyday, “work” scent and “special occasion” scent.

After four years of marriage, I have introduced the idea of “date night” scent, meet Kenneth Cole Black Bold.


Much like the name would suggest this scent has a bold composition.

“Inspired by the boldness of New York City life, Black Bold is a daring new fragrance that pushes the boundaries with notes of strength, power, and confidence Top notes of zesty mandarin, frozen ginger, chilled watermint, and tonic Middle notes of ancient cedarleaf, ground nutmeg, lotus flower, and incense smoke Dry down notes of black & blonde woods, suede, violet leaves, soft musks, and ambergris”.

Personally, I find this scent appealing and perfect for our date nights together. Luckily, for me my spouse also enjoys the scent placing it with one of the three scents they now wear regularly ;).


Let’s not take away for their everyday scent, Penguins Premium Blend. These two scents could not be more different and yet both appealing.

“Think laid back coastal road trip with the windows down and a fresh sea breeze. The heart of the scent is marine and refreshingly green with an atmospheric curio of salty sea splash, Mediterranean rosemary and enticing violet leaves. The background evokes a rustic infusion of fresh musks, driftwood and woody vetiver leaving a trail that is unrecognizable yet addicting.”


We are on the road travel quite a bit so these Premium Blend sets are PERFECT for us! They are not only cost effective but you get so much product! I just love the classic design of the bottle because it makes traveling a breeze with it! Wouldn’t you agree??

What is your favorite scent?

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