Flowering Weed And Berries Fall Bouquet

Flowering Weed And Berries Fall Bouquet

Flowering Weed And Berries Fall Bouquet

Flowering Weed And Berries Fall Bouquet Flowering Weed And Berries Fall Bouquet Flowering Weed And Berries Fall Bouquet Flowering Weed And Berries Fall Bouquet Flowering Weed And Berries Fall Bouquet Flowering Weed And Berries Fall Bouquet Flowering Weed And Berries Fall Bouquet Flowering Weed And Berries Fall Bouquet

You ever get down in the dumps? So blah that none of your regular pick-me-ups are effective at elevating your mood? I don’t get that way very often. I have several trusty hobbies that I enjoy very much, and though two of my three children are adults now I’m still pretty busy with my youngest child, doing stuff around the house, and all of our pets.

Even the Coronavirus currently circulating around the world and all the news about that and the changes to daily routines that have come from it haven’t really gotten me down too badly. I’m a homebody by nature, so staying home a little more than usual hasn’t been a hardship.

I hope that statement doesn’t come off glib, I don’t mean it to be because I know there are a lot of people for whom this situation has created great hardships and I’m not immune to those either despite my statement. My family has older, immune-compromised members for which we are taking on extra duties to allow them to try to avoid infection, and for those of us who work outside the home precautions are taken to reduce the likelihood of infection.

I am not immune to stress. None of us are. And this year has been a doozy. The coronavirus, the brutal election cycle, the protests across the country, and all the other crazy stuff going on has just taken a toll on all of us.

I sometimes like to pick up cute flowers from the grocery store while shopping to display in our home. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to liven up our living space. One such occasion that I used to do double duty in this area was for my youngest daughter’s Sweet 16 birthday celebration. I purchased some beautiful fragrant white hyacinths and lavender to create some pretty flower arrangements for her party. Then afterward I used them paired with a fun St. Patrick’s Day garland to decorate the living room mantle. So fun! And they smelled SO GOOD!

mantle floral/holiday arrangement
mantle floral/holiday arrangement
mantle floral/holiday arrangement

I will often take larger holiday bouquets and break them down after some plants in it start to wilt or die and continue to use the parts that are still healthy-looking to make different arrangements using a variety of different sized vases and other pretty containers I have around the house. It extends the fun for as long as possible and makes the expense worth it to me.

Well, one day recently I was just very blah. Nothing seemed interesting enough to spend time doing. I had been reading books like crazy and needed a break before starting a new one. I’d been working on a knitted afghan for my Mom (a Christmas gift later this year) and needed a break from that, as well. I didn’t feel like baking or making jam and had just finished binge watching all the Grey’s Anatomy available on Netflix.

Sometimes, inspiration can come so unexpectedly. I simply decided to step outside my house to wander to the end of the driveway to get the mail. As I neared the end of the driveway I noticed some flowering weeds along the tree lining and thought to myself that even those were clearly weeds that they were pretty anyway. Then I noticed some small yellow flowers (also likely weeds) that looked sort-of like daisies. And THEN, I noticed some branches that had bright red berries on them. Something stirred within me at the sweet simple beauty of them. I collected the mail and returned to the kitchen to sort through it.

But, my thoughts kept returning to those bright, sunshiny yellow blooms and the red berries. Even throughout other chores I was doing, I kept finding myself thinking about them and how pretty they were, even if they were weeds.

So, I grabbed a pair of scissors and headed back out there to snip a handful of them. And this pretty bouquet is what resulted from my efforts. I’m sure the blossoms are probably toxic weeds, so I placed the bouquet outdoors on the table of our deck.

Flowering Weed And Berries Fall Bouquet

And you know what? Who cares if they are toxic weeds? This activity fed my soul, lifted my spirits, and for the several days that they lasted it was a beautiful sight every time I stepped out on the deck to see such vibrant colors there in one of my favorite spaces. I didn’t have to leave my property or spend even one red cent and it gave me such joy!

Flowering Weed And Berries Fall Bouquet
Flowering Weed And Berries Fall Bouquet

I call this my Flowering Weed & Berries Fall Bouquet. Pretty fantastic!

If you’re looking for some fun and easy ways to do a little Fall decorating, check out these other fun ways I’ve decorated our home for the cooler season.

What has brought you joy during this difficult year? Please share, we can all use a little good right now!

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