Find Your Peace And Calm

These days with so much going on, so much stress and feeling overwhelmed, many of us feel trapped. Places are closed, places are re-opened with restrictions, or we’re asked to keep gatherings to a minimum. It’s time to find your peace and calm

Find Your Peace And Calm
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Times are chaotic right now. It’s a great time to find time for yourself. Find what brings happiness! 

Find wellness 

When it comes to our wellness, I am so excited to add the Be Well for the Moment Kit from Lilac 11. The kit includes: UPLIFT Energizing Essential Oil, UNWIND Calming Essential Oil, INVIGORATING Lip Balm, and REVIVE Hydrating Toner.

Be Well for the Moment Kit

I love that I can use both rollers for myself and my son. UPLIFT helps me get ready for the day or when I need that extra boost. UNWIND is perfect to use with my son! When he’s feeling upset or not quite ready for bedtime, I can quickly use UNWIND! 

I love the lip balm! The added pep really perks me up! 

I love using the REVIVE Hydrating Toner throughout the day. When I get home from a walk in the park, I love using the toner to cool down and feel refreshed! 

Find fitness and fashion

What type of fitness routine do you like? I like doing yoga, walking, and rowing. I tend to switch it up. Since the weather is beautiful and not too hot, I love to go for walks at the park. When it’s too hot, too cold, or raining, I prefer to use my rower! 

Letsfit Grey Leopard and Leopard leggings

As always, I like comfortable and comfortable clothing to wear. Since I love leggings, I just adore my Grey Leopard and Leopard leggings from LetsFit

The leggings are so soft and comfortable! As for sizing, get your regular size as there is no need to size up or down. I am very happy and impressed with the fit! These leggings are roomy!

I am tempted to get a pair in every color! These are literally the best leggings!

Letsfit Digital Body Weight Scale

I am so excited to have a scale again! It’s been several years since I’ve had a scale in my house! I received the Letsfit Digital Body Weight Scale! I’ve tried other scales and they seemed heavy and bothersome! 

The Letsfit Digital Body Weight Scale is so nice! It features a slim design and doesn’t take up too much space in my small bathroom.

Find your gear

I am so excited to have the perfect gym bag! It can also be used as a duffle bag and perfect for travel too! Meet the LUMEHRA Fitness Gym & Yoga Bag!

LUMEHRA Fitness Gym & Yoga Bag

The LUMEHRA Fitness Gym & Yoga Bag is generous in size, lightweight, and easy to carry. I also appreciate that it is machine washable. I love washing everything I can! When not in use, it is easy to fold! 

Sedona tumbler

I like to keep hydrated. But first, I start my morning with coffee! The Sedona tumbler is so sleek! I love that it keeps my coffee hot!

It is the perfect size and fits perfectly in my hand with their sure-grip design. 

Makai glass bottle

I love my Makai glass bottle! It’s nice to be able to see how much water I have left to drink. I tend to drink more water throughout the day using the Makai glass bottle. I am looking forward to when things open up again. I plan using this when I have to run errands! The bottle is easy to carry! 

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