Fashionably Late Is Not My Style

Fashionably Late Is Not My Style

Have you ever thought about when you arrive at appointments, dates or scheduled meetings? Do you tend to show up on-time, late or too early? For me, I prefer to show up early or on-time! It is just how I was raised. My parents always showed up to family gatherings, appointments and such a little early.

If I arrived fashionably late it was from other factors, such as traffic or waking up late.

I can remember one time I was almost late for work. I had the type of schedule that changed daily and weekly. I did not have a set schedule at all. My schedule changed between 11am until 7pm or 2pm until 10pm or even 3pm until 11pm. One day, I was going about my morning because I thought my schedule was 2pm until 10pm. I happen to look at my schedule for the day and realized that I had to work 11am until 7pm. It was about 10am and I had to take the bus to work. I quickly called work and let them know I may be a few minutes late and quickly got ready. I ended up making it to work just in time!

Normally, I would get to work super early. I would take the bus about an hour before I actually had to be there. That gave me enough time to get settled in and relax. I could eat or just walk around. At the time, we lived in Northern Nevada and my husband and I worked at different hotel/casinos. With that, there was always plenty going on!

I personally cannot imagine being fashionably late. When I make an appointment or commitment to someone to meet them at a certain time, I do my best to arrive early or on-time! When I worked outside of the home, I would arrive at work early! I wanted to get my stuff put away, and get everything ready for when the day started. It gave me a few extra moments to settle in. Even as a stay at home mom, I like to be prepared. I get everything ready so that when I come home from putting my son on the bus, I am ready to work.

To me, if someone shows up late, I can understand if it happens once but if it happens each time, I would be a little annoyed. What about you? What are your thoughts? Would you be upset if someone consistently shows up late?

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