Everything You Need In A Mirror And More

Everything You Need In A Mirror And MoreBeauty Brite Disclosure

Do you ever do your makeup in the bathroom, get into your car, look in the mirror and wonder what you were thinking? How could you have missed a spot or not blended your foundation better? I did that SO many times! I kept telling myself I was going to get a mirror that would allow me to look closer at myself  before I leaving the house.

The Mirrorvana Rectangular Makeup Mirror has solved this problem for me and created other ways to make getting ready in the mornings much easier.

I love using this mirror to get ready! I currently have it sitting on my counter and I use a small stool, so that I am sitting directly in front of it. I can see my face much closer then when I’m standing at a distance from my wall mirror. The clarity is great and helps when I’m applying eyeliner so I can achieve the best results. I  also recommend opening your blinds so you can use natural light when applying makeup.

Mirrorvana Rectangular Makeup Mirror

The Mirrorvana Rectangular Makeup Mirror looks great in my bathroom! It does not take up much space and actually makes my bathroom appear larger by reflecting light. I love the sleek design and the classic, beveled edges.

Makeup Mirror

One of my favorite things about this mirror is that it can move and blend in all directions; adjusting to exactly where you need it. I use it to maintain my eyebrows and I can always see every hair. My husband loves to use it to shave and even check the back of his head. It’s very lightweight, so he can easily hold it to check the back of his head. It’s great for making sure your hair style looks great in the back too!

This is a great option for anyone looking to add ease into their grooming routine! No need to worry about this one coming broke in the mail because it is shipped and packaged securely!

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  1. I really like the rectangular design of this mirror. It’s not something you see in most makeup mirrors.

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