Essential Oils come to the Rescue with Healing Benefits

Must Have Products for Healing and Wellness

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I don’t hide my love for essential oils and all things ‘hippy’ and ‘crunchy granola’. If it’s natural or plant-based, it’s for me. At any given time, you can find a diffuser or two going full blast in my home; trying to knock out foul germs.

As someone who lives with Fibromyalgia, I constantly search for other natural products I can incorporate that won’t interact with my prescription medication. It takes very little for me to get sick but will take weeks for me to get better.

Powerful wellness and healing benefits—just as Mother Nature intended

essential oil detox

Twig + Petal offers essential oil based products that use selectively sourced ingredients.

The Detox Kit:

  • 10 ml Detox Support Roller; Topical: Apply to the inner wrists or over the bottom right rib
  • 10 ml Immunity Boost Roller; Topical: Apply around the navel or to the chest, temples, wrists, or to the bottoms of the feet. Use at the first sign of a cold or flu
  • 10 ml Digestion Ease Roller; Topical: Apply to the abdomen
  • 120 g Detox Bath Salts; Draw a bath. Add 1-2 handfuls of bath salts to tub and swirl water to dissolve

The detox kit is helping me drag through the start of cold and flu season. I like using the immunity boost roller on my wrists and get a good whiff while I work at my desk. The bath salts are a life saver for tired and achy joints.

Vegan Pain Relief

hemp pain relief

Aromalief has an AMAZING, vegan paid relieving cream that contains CBD. With all natural ingredients and a great lavender scent, it soothes my sore body and helps me get right to sleep.

Aromalief Pain Relieving Cream:

  • It has glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM to relieve your pain fast, increase circulation, and promote joint health. While the lavender essential oils help soothe your mind and alleviate stress

My boyfriend has asked me to rub Aromalief cream on his neck every night for six nights in a row. He works for the local Solid Waste Facility and has to operate heavy equipment. Often, he comes home with sore muscles. A quarter size amount is enough to rub on his neck and reduce the inflammation almost instantly.

Hop over and check out our other favorite, natural healing products and let us know what you think!

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