Erase the Years

Erase the Years

Over the years, I have gotten many scars. However, I had to just live with them and they were a part of me. Now, I want to erase the years of scars that I have accumulated. I know that they will never go away altogether and they are a part of who I am. I can make them, so they are not so bad and very subtle to the naked eye.

With ScarAway, you can now reduce visibility of scars and help them fade away while you are sleeping.

The ScarAway products help to treat and fade away your scars. Everyone knows that the better you look, the better and more confident you will feel. Something like a scar that years ago you received, you would just have to live with is now becoming the figment of your imagination.

I’m also trying to minimize the scar that is on my son’s knee. Just a few weeks ago Josiah came home with huge, scrape on his knees from the playground. Can you see how bold the scar was on Day One?

Painful fall

Now, just weeks later the scar is slowly going away and looking so much better than before. I was very worried that the washing of the bandage of the silicone sheet would not work anymore. I was very wrong. When I washed it off, the bandage unstuck from itself and when it fully dried, it regained the stickiness that it had to adhere to the skin.

Fading away

This has only been working for four weeks and I have hopes that after the 12 weeks that the ScarAway product will truly fade away the scar until it is just a memory.

You get get them from WALGREENSTARGET, and CVS.

Do you have any “battle wounds” you’re trying to get rid of?


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