Eco-friendly Products Just in Time for Earth Day

Earth Day
Earth Day

Earth Day is just around the corner and this year I got the chance to try some amazing eco-friendly products. Are you ready for some eco-friendly products just in time for Earth Day?

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Conscious Step – Socks with A Purpose

Conscious Step Socks
Conscious Step Socks

The first product I tried was Conscious Step socks. Conscious Step is a social enterprise that creates well designed socks to fight for global causes. Each pair supports a different worthy cause.

Depending on the cause you choose, your purchase will provide resources for that cause. For example, there are socks for Room to Read which provides two schoolbooks to those in need. There are also socks that plant trees, protect oceans, save dogs, fight breast cancer, etc.

Conscious Step - Socks That Promote Breast Cancer Prevention
Conscious Step – Socks That Promote Breast Cancer Prevention

The Socks

All Conscious Step’s socks are made with organic cotton, are vegan certified, All Conscious Step crops are free of herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, and are not genetically modified. They also promote ethical workplaces and are fairtrade certified.

Conscious Step - Socks Give Water
Conscious Step – Socks That Give Water

Socks that Provide Water and Socks to Prevent Breast Cancer

I chose socks that Provide Water and the that Prevent Breast Cancer. The first thing I noticed about these socks is that they are super comfortable. They are high quality and are not too thick, but thick enough to provide comfort and warmth.

Single pairs of the socks are $14.95, or you can get a three pack for one cause for $39.95. For $44.95, they also have combo packs which support multiple causes. Like their Women’s Collection IV which features socks that plant 10 trees, support early detection for breast cancer, and provide access to safe water.

Conscious Step - Wearing Socks That Give Water
Conscious Step – Wearing Socks That Give Water

What I love about these socks besides the comfort and the fact that they support great causes is that they also make great gifts!

Fluide Makeup

Fluide Makeup - Photo Credit Fluide
Fluide Makeup – Photo Credit Fluide

The next product I tired was Fluide. Fluide makes colorful, cruelty-free makeup for all gender expressions, identities and skin tones. All of their products are vegan, cruelty-free, and free of parabens and phthalates and their nail polishes are all 7-free. This means that none of their nail polishes have the seven suspicious chemicals most nail polishes contain. Fluide also donates to support LGBTQ+ organizations.

This stuff is amazing. I tried several products and loved them all.

Lip Gloss

Fluide Lipgloss
Fluide Lipgloss

I tried the lip gloss in Elsewhere and Wet. What I loved about both of these is that they aren’t sticky, are long-lasting, and I could pair them with any liner or matte I want. Elsewhere is a clear gloss but has a slight blue tint to it. I really liked this one because when you wear it alone, it makes your teeth look whiter. Both glosses are conditioning, so they leave your lips feeling smooth and soft.

Universal Crayon

Fluide Universal Crayon
Fluide Universal Crayon

I also tried two of their Universal Crayons in Darq Matter and Rose Rover. What I love about these is that they can be used for almost anything; lips, eyes, and cheeks.  They go on smooth and don’t clump like many other similar products do and they add a nice shimmer to your look. They also contain shea butter so they condition your skin while using them.

Biodegradable Glitter

Fluide Biodegradable Glitter
Fluide Biodegradable Glitter

The final product I tried is one of their top sellers, their Biodegradable Glitter. I am not normally one for glitter. I always think it looks cool but applying it and not getting it everywhere is always a problem for me. What I found with Fluide’s glitter is that unlike other similar products, if you accidentally get it somewhere unwanted, you don’t need a pressure washer to get it off. This made me a lot more comfortable using this product. I tried the pink and silver and actually really liked them both. The Biodegradable Glitter can be used on lips, eyes, cheeks, really on the full face if you want.

This Earth Day as you are searching for eco-friendly products to support, keep Conscious Step and Fluide in mind. Both have great products that support great causes.


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