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I am NOT a gym person, although sometimes I wish I were. The worst part, is when it comes to exercising at home, I can get rather bored. So I am always looking for something fun and effective to keep me interested. Let’s face it, no one wants to loose everything they worked for simply for lack of interest.

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I have been on my health & wellness journey for well over a year. After 15 years of neglecting myself and being fairly sedentary, I BLEW UP! It wasn’t until my health declined rapidly and I needed to leave my career that I decided it was time for change.

Over the past year, I finally ‘woke up’, and I began to focus on my health. I wanted to be around for the long run, especially to meet my grandchildren one day. Since I have been almost seizure free for the past year, I have busted my butt and changed my life style. This resulted in a 101 pound weight loss which took me 16 months to achieve. Believe it or not I still have 40lbs left to loose!

Unfortunately my workouts are beginning to get boring and I am hitting plateaus more often. There is one thing I can be certain of is that I do not want to loose myself again, especially since I am almost at my goal weight. I needed something fun, different and innovative to keep me motivated on my weight loss journey.

Easy Exercises

When I first saw the AeroTrainer, my initial thought was how can this inflatable device be effective? It was a different piece of workout equipment and honestly reminded me of a gaming chair. What intrigued me the most about the AeroTrainer is the idea of ‘getting off the floor’ when it comes to floor exercises.

As a momma of a certain age, getting up from the floor is not my strongest suit. The AeroTrainer allowed me to do my floor exercises while not exactly being on the floor. I found it easy to move and maneuver to get my workouts in. This made my knees and back VERY happy!

The AeroTrainer is made of a heavy vinyl, similar to what an inflatable bed is made of, but much sturdier. It can hold up to 500lbs and has a repair kit in case of any accidents. The electric pump inflates and deflates the AeroTrainer quickly. The poster is extremely helpful and acts as visual guide to keep me motivated every day.

After 4 straight days of using the AeroTrainer, it needed to be filled up with more air to keep it firm. The workouts are very similar to the ones you can do with an exercise ball. Yet the biggest difference between the two is the AeroTrainer is far more stable.

The instructions, exercise guides and videos are all very clear and concise. The photos are extremely helpful when learning how to use the AeroTrainer and the Golo Metabolic Plan book was very educational. The Golo Metabolic Plan is a great reference guide about weight-loss, health & wellness and nutrition. It broke down meal plans, how super foods work and tips on how to stay on track.

Overall, the AeroTrainer felt great to use and there was not a lot of stress put on my joints. My husband and I have using it every morning to stretch out our backs and it has been such a life saver. The way the AeroTrainer is shaped makes it perfect for the job and easy to use. The handles on the side help you balance and position yourself when needed; something an exercise ball does not have!

My goal over the next few months is to work on stomach flattening. I just completed week one of the core circuit using the AeroTrainer. It’s safe to say that not only is the AeroTrainer highly effective at working out your core, but that I am also SORE!! It’s a good sore, a sore that is telling me the AeroTrainer is working (especially from the super crunches and planks.. WOW!) I can not wait to see the results on day 30. Overall the AeroTrainer is simple and highly effective without adding stress to my body.

What are your thoughts on the AeroTrainer?

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