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As a stay at home wife and mom to a child with special needs, I am always looking for ways to earn money and gift cards online. Having a good sense of personal finance is a good way to keep track of the money you make.

Here are the programs/affiliates I use:

I have been a member of Swagbucks since January 2009. You can earn “bucks” when you use their search engine, answer their daily poll, use their tool bar, printing coupons, and so much more! As you can see, there are lots of ways to earn on Swagbucks! You can redeem your “bucks” for cash, gift cards, prizes, and more!

Join the Stella & Dot Affiliate Program Today – you can blog about their products or share on your social media.

I’ve been a member of Sendearnings for awhile now. I’ve been paid at least twice. I recently had to re-join, but I am actively earning on this site. I use the toolbar to search the net. I also get paid to read emails! Simple and fun!

Inboxdollars is just like Sendearnings! You get paid to read emails, search, complete surveys and shop online. I joined this site and have been active as I can.


I’ve been a member of Ebates since 2011 and love earning cash back from my online purchases.  When you shop online at your favorite stores (through their site), you earn a percentage back!


Link Vehicle pays me to write for them as well!  Super easy.  They will email you when they have a new assignment for you.  They will assign a keyword, along with the link to use.  They tend to give you 14 days to accept the assignment.

VigLink – earn money with ordinary links.  Earn from clicks to over 30K sites, automatically.




  1. Chrystal D says

    Thanks for sharing these! I belong to a couple of them myself.

  2. deb p says

    very interesting

  3. Dianna Thomas says

    Ok I too am always searching the net for $$ and Gc– I wish they hadn’tt taken off the super points I was doing pretty good–I’ll be checking back again to see if you have anything else you might suggest–thanks

  4. bianca roman says

    I absolutely love love love Swagbucks!!! I wish I would’ve saved all of my SB since I started about three years ago, because I could have gotten an iPad and a Xbox LOL..but I was so happy, I’d cash in for a $5 Amazon card! I haven’t heard of sendearnings, so I’m going to check them out!

    Thanks for posting!

  5. Tina Kohrman says

    I have not heard of the Sendearnings site before so I am definitely going to check out this site. Thanks for posting this information. I am always looking for ways to make $$ since I recently lost my job. Thanks again.

  6. Great information!

  7. Laurie Damrose says

    Thanks!I use swagbucks and inbox!

  8. mlplans says

    Wow, I though I had heard of them all. But you have some here that I wasn’t aware of.

  9. Nena Sinclair says

    I’m thinking about getting into blogging myself, so this is great info! Thanks for the tips! 🙂

  10. John Heim says

    I’m a member of Swagbucks, but I keep forgetting to get the swagbucks when I need to or when I get the chance to, especially on Friday, when your supposed to get bonus bucks or something – well it’s already Saturday morning so I guess I missed it again.

  11. Tina Montes says

    thanks for this! there are white a few programs I don’t have yet!

  12. Amy Lutz says

    wow just saved this to favs – i have tried swagbucks but some glitch in my computer had ever click on a link take me to swagbucks…really want to try social spark and a few others. have to figure out the whole blog thing lol

  13. bunnygirl says

    these are great ways to earn money. i have used most on your list

  14. tee says

    thank you for the ideas. We all need to know what works and what doesn’t.

  15. Lesa Burton says

    Thanks for all the information to the places you earn online. I am always looking for ways to make a little extra cash. You gave me a few I was not aware of

  16. Joy H says

    Great tips, I already do swagbucks and love it but may try some of the others.

  17. Kelly McMahon says

    I’ve been using swagbucks too! I’ve done a lot of surveys and so far I have received $40 from swagbucks for about half a year of work. It is sooo time consuming, but at least you get money.

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